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When the purchase of waste fraud trying augment many customers

Czech Trade Inspectorate last week publish statistics on offenses výkupců waste. Infringements committed almost a third of the controlled premises.

Fraud in the purchase of waste does not commit only some operators, but also the customers themselves. He's trying to sell banned items such as fraud or increase the weight of purchased raw materials and thus the final price.

Prohibited Items

When the purchase of raw materials imported each facility undergo strict waste control. There are, because such customers, who are trying to sell scrapyard public facilities, such as traffic signs stolen or sewer lids. Such cases, of course, must be reported immediately. For some stolen items of a private nature, of course, can not reveal their illegal entry always immediately. Offenders may be due to the proper customer records and redeemed waste in the back premises caught.

When purchasing you can also meet with the fact that customers imported old unexploded ordnance from the war, such as shells or shells. Such objects is of course necessary to have disposed of the bomb squad. Workers redeemed must be really careful to get their own inattention themselves into trouble. Purchase of prohibited items in fact committing an administrative offense for which they face heavy fines. When buying stolen items shown they can even be prosecuted for the offense complicity.

Efforts to increase the financial reward

Augment their income in výkupnách waste people try also fraudulently raising weights vykupovaného waste. In practice, we see that people such as refuse dump bag with imported copper, because there are also apart of purchased metals stones. There were also efforts to increase the reward for buying boiler or radiator, so that the customer is filled with water or oil.

Not excluding even if the customer declares a different material than they brought. The aim of the course will get a higher salary. Customer has imported aluminum cookware, but gives him cast aluminum. Or will the old copper wires with debris and try to sell it as a new copper.

Author: James Proud, Alfa scrap
Source: Lesenský.cz

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