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Providers of non-bank loans continue to wrongdoing

The amendment to the Consumer Credit week already prohibits unreasonable to provide a loan or mortgage to use in negotiating its toll lines. Some companies, however, ignore or bypass the law.

Providers of non-bank lending after tightening the law on consumer credit is used now by the fact that it does not apply to businesses. Stringent standard bypass so that the borrower inquire whether a trade license, and if so in prohibited practices continue.

Ban the use of toll lines arose in response to the abuse of this method of communication. "Amount that the borrower pay for phone calls, in practice often higher than the loan, if any, to provide it happened," says legal consultant dtest Milos gin. Workers Association dtest currently surveyed within which tested the line offering quick loans.

Some of the surveyed lines after a moment of free ringtones automated voice referring to the line with the rate ninety-five crowns per minute. "These companies have reported the Association of Mobile Network, which oversees the premium rate lines. Simultaneously, we filed a motion with the Czech Trade Inspection, which for the use of toll lines may impose a fine of up to twenty million, "says gin and adds:" The same penalty may get the lender that it would like to provide a bill or check. "Bills are today, the reason a number of consumer foreclosures, because it is not easy for a layman to defend against their use in court.

The amendment also prohibits the lenders disproportionately ensured their claims. "It is impossible to be stopped property worth hundreds of thousand to ten thousand loan. Even this, however, normally done. Such a pledge would, however, was invalid and the Czech Trade Inspectorate would arrange for her to impose a fine of up to ten million, "says gin and warns:" Loan Sharks now be more likely to want to make contracts directly by a notary. The agreement with the direct enforceability clause will allow the court did not deal with disputes and debts exacted directly executor. "

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