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Global warming will open new shipping routes in the Arctic

By mid-century seems to open two new shipping routes: the Northwest Passage along the coast of Canada and the Northern sea route along the coast of Russia. The red line shows the fastest possible connection for normal over the Arctic icebreakers. The blue line shows the route that will be viable for ordinary ship. Thickness of the lines indicates the expected utilization of the route.

Until now, the Arctic waters accessible only specially modified ledoborcům. Century in the middle of the Arctic, but it could float and ordinary ships. Economically, this is an exciting opportunity. In terms of safety and environmental protection, it raises concerns about the Arctic. The annual melting of ice, according to scientists, however, suggests that the northern ice cap is so thin that the now common icebreaker will be able to conveniently shorten the path directly over the North Pole.

Its forecast puts researchers from the University of California at independent predictions of the climate for the years 2040-2059. Transarktickou best time to cruise the month of September, typically the peak melting ice.

"In the future, in some years, it will be possible for ordinary boats for sailing in the open sea water passed through the Arctic," said R. Scott Stephenson of the University of California. It is currently not possible.

And Arctic ice cover, according to his fellow Laurence C. Smith becomes so thin that the icebreaker will be able to shorten the path directly over the North Pole. "Nobody has thought to send a ship across the North Pole. It was not just unthinkable, "says Smith.

While the path directly over the North Pole would be about twenty percent less than the most commonly used today Northern sea route to circumnavigating the northern coast of Russia. For Dutch ships sailing between Rotterdam and Yokohama, Japan, Northern sea route around forty percent shorter than the route via the Suez Canal.

Until recently, the North Sea Journey ordinary ships closed. In the last two years, but on the north odtálo so much ice in late summer it is possible to enter the area - though be sure to escort polar ship. Only in this way in 2012 crossed the 46 conventional ships.

Notoriously treacherous Northwest Passage, which winds along the Canadian coast and provides the most direct connection of eastern Canada and the northern parts of the U.S. and Asia, would become splavnějším. And even so, according to Smith and Stephenson would be able to go into the field and ships that were to stay in the polar regions with a gain hull. And it's possible that they were able to sail through the passage and ordinary vessels, which form the basis of the world merchant fleet.

At present, the Northwest Passage was navigable theoretically once every seven years. That the company is not appealing period. In mid-century, it may be entirely different, and every September the path may be loose.


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