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Spring detox: Nenaleťte any 'guaranteed' idea

Detox diets are popular in the spring. They are our body get rid of all poisonous substances in it accumulated over the winter, and start losing weight faster. Metabolism is apparently devoid of combustion is more efficient, and thus the combustion kilograms should be faster. Instructions on how to accomplish this are plentiful.

Fumes is better kept clean

Asked if detox diets really work, it is not easy to answer. In a way, holds true yes and no. Most detox recipes is based on a drastically reduced calorie intake, causing rapid weight loss. Nutritionists, however, before galloping weight loss rather warn, among other reasons, that when it comes often called yo-yo effect and lost pounds we tend to turn quickly draw back. Often it is some extra pound.

On the other hand, try to at least a few days to clean up your diet, think about what I eat, to include more fruit and vegetables, and not suppress processed foods, it is all beneficial for our body. And if some of the positive changes eventually last longer than a few days, the better. Your spring detox regime but well you choose and avoid for example those that are based on only one or a few foods consumed over a longer period of time. Some of these ideas you had more harm than benefit.

Spring menu is not rocket science

Any detox plan should receive only the health of adults, not children, seniors, pregnant women or people with chronic illness. Healthy detox should not contain any laxatives, bowel cleansing or prolonged drinking only fruit and vegetable juices. Healthy Spring detox for a week or two weeks on the contrary should include the following:
Drink plenty of clean water.
Eat mainly fresh fruits and vegetables.
Eat only whole grain bread.
Try to avoid meat, the body spends more than any other food.
Avoid fat dairy products.
Completely discard blanks, all sweets, chocolate, sodas, meats and other foods full of "empty" calories and artificial ingredients.
Also completely omit the alcohol.
Among the "top" food for spring detox Examples include: lettuce, lemons, cabbage, broccoli, sesame seeds or green tea.

Total caloric intake during detox diet should not be too low, so you did not incur the fatigue, headaches and nausea. The ideal is to reduce caloric intake to 1 200 to 1 500 calories per day, which can at least weekly observance will also lose something.

Detox famous

Celebrities sometimes need to quickly drop and get in shape, be it because of the role or the red carpet. Their instructions are usually not very suitable for ordinary mortals, for which their body is both a working tool, but for inspiration - why not?
Beyoncé - hot water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. From these ingredients umíchejte drink and consume only the period 10 to 14 days. Do you find it awful? Even a famous actress and singer, who thus losing weight for the role in Dreamgirls, admits that she was very hungry, and therefore a lot of bad ...
Gwyneth Paltrow - from detox diet discards all dairy products, caffeine and processed foods. On the contrary, drinking juice from red beet, carrot, apple and ginger soup from her example broccoli and chicken.
Megan Fox - to purify the body uses apple cider vinegar (in our example, already known as a food supplement, Apple Cider Vinegar) and clean water. It is hard to say how long such treatment may take time, but nutrition experts strongly warn that way so no, my friends!
Bill Clinton - a little unusual "celebrity" here deservedly belongs. Before the wedding of his daughter with former president allegedly trying to get in shape with vegetable soup. Whether its monotonous diet was successful, it is hard to say. Probably, as always, and in all, depended largely on the strength of his motivation.

MD. Helena Janíčková, expert uLékař
Source: The lékař

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