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Tested four summer tires are dangerous

Four models of summer tires failed in the current test and ADAC magazine dtest. This was due to very poor handling on wet roads.

Worst rating received products of Chinese brands Rotalla Radial F108 and Sailun Atrezzo SH402, which completely failed to test handling and braking on wet roads. Sailun Tires brand received a very low rating even when driving on dry roads. Were labeled as dangerous and tires Marangoni Verso Italian and French tires Kleber HP Dynaxer third

The test focused on two dimensions of summer tires - fifteen-inch, suitable for smaller cars and sedmnáctipalcové, suitable for cars of the lower middle class. "For patnáctipalcových model quality was considerably lower," said test manager magazine dtest Václav Beneš and adds: "The surprise was bad result Kleber tires, cheap Michelin Group brands. He at the same time winner in this category with the Michelin Energy Saver. "

"Test results sedmnáctipalcových tire suitable for cars such as Audi A3, Opel Astra and Volkswagen Golf, were fairly balanced," says Václav Beneš. Only two products - tires High Performer Sport HS-2 and Syron Race 1 Plus rated "fair". Importers both types of tire but promised withdrawal from the market of low-quality tires.

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