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First green plants wears death - poisoning oilseed die hundreds Germany

Blessing for farmers and horror for hunters. We are talking about rape, which is early spring in one of the few green plants, in addition to forest animals very tasty. But doe brings death, damage is liver or nervous system. Rescue Station estimated that rape poisoning every year thousands die around Germany.

In the Czech Republic, canola is grown on more than 400 thousand hectares, the area planted with energy crops, but there is increasing every year. And in the period before the onset of spring, when the snow does not cover the field already, become green plants draw for deer.

March first in the village intervened Vonoklasy Prague animal ambulance, operated by Czech Union for Nature Conservation. The owner of the family house had a deer in his garden, which failed to overcome a fence and crashed into him. Whistled loudly, trying to get to his feet and run, but every time she fell and did a somersault. After the arrival of the rescue doe tried to run, but she did a few jumps and fell.

"After the capture was clear where the problem is. Creature was dead. Sudden vision loss is the first symptom of poisoning rape," explains David Zítek from Prague animal ambulance. Despite the care experts from rescue centers such animal dies within 24 hours. Even this doe died on the second day.

According to rescuers, the present weather contributes to the fact that the deer graze only available green food - rape. According Zítka the solution might be growing old varieties of canola that animals do not taste.

More realistic but he would have been if hunters in partnership with farmers deploy around the rapeseed fields odor fences, just as it does in recent years around the roads. "Financial cost of these fences should be automatically counted in the costs to farmers to grow canola. Even so, this remains a highly lucrative commodity, "says Zitek.


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