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Discount portals exploiting consumer ignorance

Discount portals exploiting consumer ignorance Some discount portals exploiting the enormous interest of Czech consumers discounts and classified in terms of their very disadvantageous or illegal provision. They rely on the fact that consumers do not read the terms and conditions and do not know their rights.

On the Czech market approximately one hundred discount portals. Association reviewed the terms and conditions dtest almost one quarter of them and found a number of iniquity. For example, a portal slevovým lurks travel agency offering tours. "Such behavior, in our opinion contradicts the law on tourism. Therefore, we filed a motion with the Czech Trade Inspectorate to investigate, "says the head of the legal counseling dtest Luke Green. Exclusively offers tours The terms of use are compounded in English only and the consumer in them, among other things learn that any litigation will take place in Switzerland. That provision is invalid because it is contrary to the international convention on jurisdiction.

Illegal agreements contain conditions portal that provides so-called arbitration clause arbitration court to resolve future disputes. The law, however, requires the validity of such clauses separate arrangements.

Legal rules do not say clearly how the provision of goods or services under the voucher to take place. It depends on the specific operator discount portal, how terms and conditions accordingly. "According to our findings, concluding the contract directly with the service provider. The operator of discount portal presents only offer, "said Luke Green and adds:" The vast majority does not even discount portals for the content or accuracy of the advertised information. "

The survey resulted in some positive effects. As such can be described using the service auto insurance discount voucher s. Four of the observed discount portals offer that service, so customers such as money back guarantee if the entrepreneur fails to provide the goods or services, or goes bankrupt.

"Business conditions discount portals may hide many pitfalls, but I can also pleasantly surprised. If the consumer wants to buy at discount portal should be actively informed about it. Likewise, he should obtain information about the provider of the service, "suggests Luke Green and strongly warns:" Consumers should not be swayed by first impressions offer a great price. "

Magazine dtest prepared on its website a chart, which provides basic information on selected discount portals. Here, customers will identify the portal informs about their responsibilities, who resolves any claims that properly informs about the right to withdraw from the contract and whether the insurance of discount vouchers. The table is available on / Discount-Portal .


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