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Want a baby? Force partner to lose weight!

Infertility is not always a problem for women. The reason why some couples try in vain for a child can be on the side of man. In developed countries, including the Czech Republic, number of infertile men there is still growing. Surprisingly, it turns out that his negative role played by the apparently excessive weight.

Heavy weight is a problem

Like the infertility is on the rise in the Lords and obesity. Experts wonder whether it can be between these phenomena any continuity. It turns out that, yes. Several studies on this topic confirmed that obese men have more fertility problems than those who have normal weight. Obesity affects their hormonal balance, which leads to an overall inhibition of male sexual function.
Decreased production of testosterone, causing the so-called "hypogonadism", which is manifested by:
a reduced sperm count,
limiting their mobility,
reducing sexual desire,
erectile dysfunction.

Overweight also been linked to other issues that fertility does not add. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes or sleep apnea (cessation of breathing during sleep) may themselves cause infertility or complicate its treatment.

The solution may be diet

According to tests carried out on male volunteers, the situation improves weight loss. Testosterone levels rise and thus the number and motility of sperm. The introduction of low-fat diet and increasing physical activity had a positive impact on sleep apnea. Normal breathing during sleep, and therefore unlimited supply of oxygen to the body received testosterone levels back to normal.

Gentlemen, pounds down!

Male infertility is difficult to treat and usually leads to medical interventions which are exhausting for both the woman and the family budget. Many couples unnecessarily remains childless. It would sometimes had only a few - to encourage partner to his weight began to fight.

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