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Allergy: How do we turn naturally

Soon spring it posed to the displeasure of all allergic pollen season brings. Along with her threatens allergy sufferers, whose numbers in our population is negligible, breathing difficulties. This article will advise you how with the help of herbs not only relieved from allergic respiratory problems, but also from allergies symptoms on the skin.

Manifestations and causes of allergies

For allergy is called an overreaction of the immune system to substances which are in your neighborhood commonly encountered. The cause of this reaction may be polluted environment, for which we have to cope with the increasing onslaught of harmful substances. Other possible reasons include today's diets in which is contained a lot of preservatives, colorings and flavorings. Some of them can trigger allergies. Finally, the emergence of allergies can become our weakened immunity, sometimes parasitic load.

Allergies can occur on the skin or in the airways. For skin allergy is characterized by hives or eczema. When we suffer allergic airway narrowing of the bronchi, overall dyspnea, shortness of breath or allergic rhinitis. So-called allergen, a substance that causes an allergic reaction immediately, it may now be almost anything. Very often the mites, dust and pollen, but it is also known allergy to the sun or cold. As for food, we can be allergic to almost anything but clean water.

The procedure to palliate

To mitigate the difficulties that brings us to an allergy, it is essential to determine allergen. As soon as it avoids the difficulties our retreats. This path is not possible such as allergy to pollen. Natural medicine, however, offers a different solution. Because the main cause of allergies usually considered clogging our bodies with toxic chemicals from the environment and food is the first step to relieve allergies detoxification of liver. For example, it can be used calendula or milk thistle.

It is appropriate to strengthen the activities of other bodies that are in charge of food processing. Pancreas is effective on penízovka, blueberry Gemma, then the kidneys juniper and heather. Better when the functioning of these organs had allergies or may not occur. "Allergic manifestations could be mitigated by strengthening immunity. This is especially useful natural substances echinacea purpurea and Gemma black currant. But it is also important to prevent the development of allergies, "explained the company's Jarmila Podhorná of Hope, which offers herbal preparations to alleviate allergy symptoms." For example, we should not forget to clean the home environment, where it is often ventilated and dust wipes. Even for adults should be obvious healthy lifestyle and sport, preferably in the fresh air, "she said Podhorná.

Herbs for allergies

Herbs help to detoxify the body and strengthen immunity, but some of them can alleviate and even eliminate allergic manifestations. To alleviate allergy symptoms when breathing is adequate treatment of mushroom, marigolds, grapefruit and black currant. It helps to clear the organism from fungi and bacteria that are present in the airways. In addition positively affects breathing and restores respiratory mucous membranes. The skin allergy cure can take from penízovky, grapefruit, black currant and snowball tušalaje. Individual herbs contained in it improve the function of the pancreas and cleanses the skin. It is important for all allergies cleansing the intestines. There is a very suitable means of French green clay and Enterosgel. This cure is also appropriate to add čtyřkvětovou elder ointment that kills fungus and helps in healing various skin problems. To promote the effects of these herbs can also dig for natural baths. To support the respiratory tract there are natural baths compound such as elderberry flower, nasturtium and oregano. To solve skin problems is available from the couch bath, burdock and tea tree.

Principles for the use of herbs

The use of herbs to address the health problems is drugs against specific. Onset effects in plants is not unlike instantaneous drugs, herbs should be used long term. If you want herbs to alleviate difficulties associated with allergy to pollen, it is essential to start with their use before the start of the pollen season and drop them to a particular allergen completely disappear from the atmosphere. For year-round allergies after two to three months of herbs recommended a two-month pause.

In this time outside the teas offered tinctures from herbs, which are very effective, yet time-saving option. These herbal extracts are alcohol is available in drops whose use is quick and easy. "Alcohol in tinctures contained a negligible amount. Can be safely used whenever we have saved an absolute ban on alcohol for reasons such as his intolerance. We do not have to worry about make tinctures or children, for example is just drip into the hot tea. Alcohol evaporates so without a tincture devalued, "says Jarmila Podhorná of Hope Society, which offers a tincture of herbs and buds.

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