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Travellers Festival Around the World

Travellers Festival Around the World Between 23 and 24 March 2013 in the House of Culture and cinema Ládví be held on 20 AROUND THE WORLD traveler's festival, which welcomes many familiar faces.

Travelers and photographers at the festival will present their most interesting travel experiences from his expeditions through annotated screenings and lectures. Eg. Vladislav naturalist Lemberk give my best projection of Madagascar, for which he was a few years ago at the festival rewarded with thunderous applause and a final "standing ovation". Pepa Wednesday will take you through panoramic photos in Thailand. Czech climber Marek Holecek deliver their output to the projection of the Himalayan eight-thousand Nanga Parbat, Photographer Jan Brezina present the fantastic colors of Australia, Richard Jaroněk shark man shall his new book about Africa, traveler Rudolf Švaříček present his meeting with the Dalai Lama and a famous explorer and ethnologist Dr. Miloslav Stingl verbally comment on my book Sex in the five parts of the world.
Other points are projections of Madagascar, Borneo, Namibia, Patagonia, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, China, Venezuela, Greenland, Lesotho, Ethiopia and others.

The biggest attraction of the traveler's team of photographers and filmmakers who set out with two yellow Trabants, and an elderly Polish Fiat 250 on the jawa motorcycle trip of over 20,000 km across South America.

In Brazil, the expedition passed through the hardest journey Amazon - officially closed road across rainforest dreaded BR319. "Sometimes it was on the edge, or rather for her ... We have fallen into a rotten bridge extricate the car from the pits into which fit all, and eventually started to rain. It was difficult, but because we did it to show that if he wants, everything goes, "explains Dan Přibáň why it is just passing through here such a success.

The festival will be enriched with a number of exhibitors, which will also feature travel bookstore, a nonprofit organization, handicrafts and exotic dishes.

To celebrate the twentieth festival around the world were also prepared a rich program of exotic dances from Indonesia, Cuba, Brazil, India, Iraq, Egypt and Africa.

The exact schedule of the festival can be found here .

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