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Turn - a political comedy about the dreams and murder

Turn - a political comedy about the dreams and murder Švanda Theatre in Smíchov give one of the most successful comedies Tankred Dorst Zatáčka. After the two-part opus Merlin or the Wasteland so Dorst on Smíchov returns with a grateful audience full text of situational comedy and irony.

Turn was the beginning of a successful career of one of the most respected and most played contemporary German playwrights Tankred Dorst. This grotesque game of 1960 is still among his most frequently performed works - for us it remained virtually unknown. Brilliant comedy about the human condition, conceits and paradoxes of our civilization is based on a perfectly simple plot. Dorst yet to tell the story about one car accident skillfully uses a variety of genres - in addition to working with elements of slapstick horror and lavish black humor.
"As part of this policy conflicts with anecdotes from the torn environments with ministerial offices, normal people, 'which is itself a source of notable comedians. This is not a cheap political satire - who is still 'normal' and who is not yet a man, it is a question that the author leaves open. Which is extremely exciting. "Describes the attractiveness of the text editor Martin Hýča productions.
How can end up empty political figures conflict with the people who make their living as she can? What policies do we need? You may even hear a politician guilty conscience? And what if it's too late? Soon after the success of the first launch in 1960 in Lübeck, the game has had its television adaptation directed by Peter Zadek and subsequently radio processing. In Germany a very popular comedy on the Czech stage occurs after almost twenty years.

Political comedy about the dreams and murder

In the picturesque mountain landscape under a steep rock live in their house brothers Rudolf and St. Anthony.
Even though they had penetrated civilization. The sharp corners of the garden is rushing down the car. Rudolf is managed and sold, Antonín for river over the grave of the deceased and sends the submission to the Ministry. The first one who survives the fall, is - what else - the minister who was to take care of repairing roads. Minister takes lessons from a car accident? Now begins to work? And what if it Rudolf Anton really worth? Chillingly ironic political comedy about the dreams and murders. Come and see. And most importantly - do not forget to adjust speed technical condition of the road.
Initial start production by director David Šiktanc viewers are watching the 23rd March 2013 in the Studio.

Director David Šiktanc in its production focuses on the comic potential of the text, but still uses a wide range of theater zpřítomnit different layers of drama. Against the background of a grotesque comedy and metaphorical meanings arise. "Turn it works very well as text. Was no accident staged and radio. Text, however, offers a variety of situations that are very theatrical rendition grateful and funny. Keyed We have tried to clear the text of theatrical expression and support its internal multiplicity and variety of genres, "says Martin Hýča literary productions. In this spirit, conceived by collage and scenography Nikola Tempír who, together with costume designer Aneta Grňákovou responsible for the visual component of the performance. Cast in the role of brothers David Patrick Šiktanc Děrgela and guest John Holík - and finally figure depicts Kriegbauma Minister Miroslav Pear.

With director David Šiktanc Smíchov production of Curves

Tankred Dorst is not one of the best known and most often presented German playwrights in the country. You staged over five years was his second text. What is it?
During his studies at DAMU I - like my bachelor production - rehearsed his play Fernando Krapp wrote me a letter. I was fascinated at her like, with what is now faced when testing Turns: genre plurality, the emphasis on the situation and metaphor instead of cheap psychology characters ... Of course the grotesque theme of the game was different, many motifs - for Dorst characteristic - have remained.
Turn is one of the first Dorstových games. Tankred Dorst talks about his early texts as parabolas. Before me is a way of thinking close. It convex mirror, in this or in addition to a large extent fragmented by me may often provide a better reflection than action based on probability. Equally expressive acting often seems more authentic than psychological details ...

In the last three years after theatrical stints backpacking across the country. He has directed you in Hradec Kralove, Usti nad Labem and Pilsen. What is your relationship to Švanda Theatre in Smíchov?
I am happy that I am returning to Dorst just Švandovo at Studio Theatre, where she was the 1992 game Fernando Krapp wrote me a letter premiere directed by Peter Lébl and starring Borivoj Navratil. In addition to local studios coming back a third time, so it - although I had as a guest - I think almost for his home stage.

Turns passed from writing for more than fifty years. Undergone significant text updates?

Even after fifty years, Curve has a very fresh impression. The text we are - due to its age - obviously edited, but no dramatic changes did not confess, it was about us refine the language of each of the characters, which runs continuously during testing.

Actuality text always somehow related to politics. The corner is now also figure policy. How do the events of the Czech political scene in recent years reflected in your work?
Turn I discovered a few years ago and it seemed to me to be a good satire at that aggressive political style Paroubek. However, as time progressed, so has my view of the character of the chief minister Dr Kriegbauma. After the elections in 2010, which meant not only Paroubek fall, but also the rise of Public Affairs, I felt that the character of politics as a kind of demagogic leader has lost its topicality (I can think of at the moment a better word) and that we should focus on bureaucratic features the character without any specific. Then, however, came the direct election of the president and the return of rhetoric from the late nineties and we look again - and it seems that the last - changed ...

Some time ago you staged Meyenburgova ugly, before it was Edward Palmetshofer, Bertolt Brecht, Friedrich Dürrenmatt ... It seems that you are drawn to the German drama ...
It is true that, with few exceptions is devoted to texts from the German language area. In principle, therefore, that in spite of a clear structure, leave space for something that is beyond words, supremely lyrical, while the merciless and cruel. I once likened to a spinning wheel, but it calls for suspension, arrhythmias, which are in the final total of the loveliest.

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