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Properties under which recognizes quality and delicious wine and layman

Currently available on the market many wines. They differ not only color, but also, for example attribute, vintage, price or country of manufacture. Knowing tasty and high quality wine from that lower quality is not so easy. We introduce you to 5 parameters under which identifies good wine and a complete layman.

First The color of wine

The first thing we had in choosing wines to notice is its appearance. In particular, we color at first glance reveals what quality we can expect. "Color has almost the most crucial role in the recognition of fine wine. White wine should play in colors ranging from a light greenish yellow to golden yellow. The palette includes red wine, from light to dark ruby red tones. Poor wine is a typical sad contrast color with gray to brownish shades, "explains Marcel Lanžhotský Patria Kobylí from the winery, which won the prestigious International Wine Competition of Young award in 2013 for best red wine Cabernet Sauvignon.

Second Purity wine

In addition to proper color of wine we had at the beginning of the selection process, noting also its purity. If the wine is cloudy, it may be considered to be unstable and degraded. Typically, moreover, this dirt also negatively affect the taste. Haze often causing microorganisms. They are products of metabolism, which can make the original substance in the wine completely destroyed and taste wines that disturbed. Quality wine you can tell that it is already on the look crisp and without any sign of turbidity.

Third Aroma

If during naznáme tasting that the wine has good color and clarity, we can slowly focus on his scent. Poor quality wine we can distinguish based on its flavor from the tasty and quality quite easily. Know this, that in the first sniffing will feel strange smells are pungent and irritating aftertaste. These are usually a symptom of the high content of volatile substances, which in good quality and tasty wine should not be present in any case. Typical and safe while also aroma is slightly floral, fruity or mineral.

4th Taste Wine

If we are satisfied with the color, clarity wine with aromas comes the wine tasting and selecting the most important part. That is its taste. Due to the amount of added elements rozličnému tastes wines are very diverse, and it depends so largely on the tastes of everyone. We found from the fresh and fruity taste sour over gently to those that evoke roasted coffee and dark chocolate. However, if the wine contains too much iron or copper, can be characterized by an unpleasant metallic bitter taste. Pleasure can also disrupt excess of acetic acid, which damages the taste of wine and zkyseluje. Recognize these elements, however, may not be easy for the layman.

5th The overall impression of the wine

One of the most important factors when choosing a good quality wine in particular our overall impression of him. "Wine must pleasantly take us, evoke in us likeable impression. And then his desire to taste another sip, which not only recognize emotion winemaker, but also juicy and fragrant berries from our sun-drenched vineyards, "says Marcel Lanžhotský Patria Kobylí from the winery, which is devoted to wine tradition since 1958 as an agricultural cooperative Uniform and since 1999 as PATRIA Kobylí.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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