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Tiger failed in the test: goat eaten, but became friends with her

Indian Workers rescue station released to an adult tiger goat. Instead speedy attack them got an awful spectacle in its own way: the tiger began to be friends with a goat. It is terrible that the tiger was soon to be released to freedom in the wild, the server writes The Times of India. This test but indicated that it is not able to survive in the wild.

Breeders let a goat with a tiger after two days, during which the tiger did not get another meal. But did not kill a goat, though he was hungry by nurses. Goat breeders to great disappointment in the paddock tiger survived. She was finally discharged from a tiger, and he got a hunk of beef, which was for most of his life accustomed. According to farmers, it is clear that in captivity lost all their hunting abilities. Which is his return to the wild heavy obstacle.

Into human care tiger got as a kitten after the mother he had left for an unknown reason. Along with him came to the rescue station and two small tigress. You but in the same test resulted significantly better: a goat, which they have been deleted, just caught and ate.

Biologist Vidya Athreya claims that male tiger too bad that is not learned from his mother well and just hunt him missing training. In it are his contemporaries better past. At the time of their arrival at the station already had on his conscience caught by dogs.

According to Valmiki Thapar is a discharge bred tigers back into the wild a problem with it, that they can not hunt wild animals, natural and obvious source of livelihood. It may then happen that begin to search for food for people and focus on the easy prey in the form of human animals. But they can also start hunting people.

According to the report Caged cat "falls in love" with goat published on the server Times of India 6th March 2013.


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