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Spring Cleaning: How to easily get rid of old things from soils and cellars

With the arrival of spring begin to solve the first big spring cleaning garages, attics and basements, and we want to get rid of the most useless junk. Whether it is old furniture, stacks of paper or clothing after cleaning closet, each type of waste has its place. Below is a few tips on how to save time and money and sometimes even old material to get rid of a simple, rapid and least costly way.

First Wastepaper

Old prints are found in all households, especially in the spring and it's time for them to get rid of a long winter. Cartons, newspapers, magazines or leaflets can be handed over to the big blue containers or pay ransom straight to the trash, as they get at least a token financial reward. "In výkupnách materials is ensured ecological disposal of all waste, so you can at least have a good feeling that did something for the environment. In addition, there management buy in, for example, 50 kg of mixed paper we give a hand to the fifty, "explains James Proud of Alfa scrap, which buys and environmentally destroys not only paper, but also for example scrap metal or metals.

Second Worn clothing

Clothing or shoes can easily and quickly eliminated through charity wardrobe that is easy to find on the website of each organization. Among the best known include Caritas Czech Republic. In addition to older clothing and footwear also receives other textiles such as bed sheets, blankets and towels. It is very important to know when the locker room opened, the work is mostly on a voluntary basis and therefore only certain days of the week. Some cities or villages have also placed in public places its own textile containers. Still functional clothing can also be offered on internet auction sites, where it is mostly needed to take his picture.

Third Discontinued Furniture

The biggest worry is often written off makes furniture that takes up unnecessary space somewhere in the attic or in the basement. Furniture not in the bins, and so it is necessary to deal with it differently. One of the best forms of transport to the disposal of waste disposal. Some of them provide free service only when a citizen is paying the fee for waste according to local ordinances in the community, and also pay the fee. Furniture is also possible to assign someone else through advertising, free for collection or even for a symbolic amount. Most Internet bazaars offering inserting ads free assumption is only an email registration.

4th Old tires

Problematic waste are also old retired tire. Just in time for summer tires changing of many drivers find that their winter tires have another season neodjezdí. Tires collected collection points. In some of them, however, fail to surrender the tires and the other for their removal still připlatíme. Collection of old tires have thankfully under the Waste Act duty to ensure their manufacturers. Free to send them in places so we can return, including retail outlets and tire service. Submission of old tires can even combine with buying new. We thus eliminates one redundant path.

5th Scrap metals and cables

On a pile of old junk is also often appear a few pounds of metal or old cables, as well as cans and old radiators and metal construction. They belong to the redeemed and scrap. "Scrap contribute to improving environmental conditions because kovošrot collate, or sent for further processing. This saves considerable energy because they can be used as a secondary source of raw materials. Recycling has a great importance in economic terms of households, which saves a lot of money. For non-ferrous metals as the price to 140 crowns per kilogram cast, "said James Ransom proud of Alfa scrap.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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