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Pain as a warning signal: you can hear it?

Pain is often seen as a necessary evil to be endured. Sometimes it can be a sure sign, which announces to us the body that something is wrong. Especially for some kinds of pain we should really pay attention. We offer a brief overview.

First Head like a shard, but otherwise

As yet unrecognized, very intense headache condition has been described accompanying sudden bleeding in the brain. Head but you "a bit differently than usual" may also worry during meningitis, sinusitis or, for example due to tumor growth. In any case, if the unusual craziness head and you're not sure what can be induced rather see a doctor.

Second Myocardial hurts else than you think

Heart attack may not be directly accompanied by pain, but some patients experience more severe pressure, "as if you sat elephant on the chest". Such as pain during a heart attack can perhaps feel a little unexpectedly in the neck, left shoulder or arm or even in the jaw. Except it is not nausea and abdominal pain.

Third Transferred back problems

Pain between the shoulder blades often accompanies common disease of the spine and back muscles. In some cases, especially if there is a sudden, however, may be an accompanying symptom of a heart attack or a dangerous rupture of the aorta. Excluded but neither its cause in the digestive tract - between the shoulder blades is often "shooting" pain in cholecystitis.

4th Watch the appendix

Problems in the abdomen can be caused by a number of more or less dangerous conditions. We should pay attention especially if they are located in the right lower abdomen, as is inflammation of the appendix. Unnecessary delay with expert examination may then rupture and resulting in his death.

5th I leg pain can be dangerous

Pain in the calf and its unilateral swelling must be a reason for immediate retrieval doctor. Similar symptoms is found in deep vein thrombosis, which may lead to pulmonary embolism, heart failure and imminent death.


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