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Do not store unnecessary things at home. You'll feel better

Get rid of unnecessary things and focus on what is important. Maybe their children ...

One is sometimes heartbreaking, thought it would just throw it away or put away from the house. Such a pretty thing, is not ready, say and shoves the thing in the closet, take it to the garage or shoving to the ground. Or somewhere in a corner. Under the table or on the cabinet. It is a journey into hell. The best things in human life does not matter, and the more you have, it's more of what you have to worry.

Of course, it must be able to distinguish what is yet to be a comfortable life and what it's uselessness. Limit is not set in stone and everyone else's. Everyone but I suspect that a certain amount of things already owned does no good. And from time to time is healthy to stop and make thinning at home and get rid of unnecessary things. Maybe now that spring is coming.

According to research, it's healthy especially for mothers who are taking care of the household the most. Caring for an apartment or a house crowded with things for them can be very stressful, as demonstrated by a four-year research at the American middle-class families. It turned out that a concern for all things accumulated in the home is for mothers burdensome to the extent that they are entering into a home equity wash out stress hormones.

Researchers from the University of California also found that a quarter of the 32 surveyed families could not park their cars in the garage because it was full of other things. It is a condition that in our conditions will not be so plain, but nicely illustrates just how far things can go.

Approaches to the unnecessary things, junk and junk can get rid of the series. Someone more convenient to make one big airshow, lay the container and take it from scratch and summarily. For some, it may be less painful to criticize those small goals and gradually fulfill: to vacate the desk today, in a few days to discuss the case with clothing you've already had three years of each other, then go into the chamber.

Feel free to invite you to the "dirty" work on some things "bad" friend who will help you overcome the temptation to turn everything back tuck. Establish a threshold year. If you're in one year had the matter in hand and did not use it, give it away. Probably you do not even need this year.

After they get rid of useless, maybe you will feel a sense of relief. Maybe you feel guilty because some of those things are certainly still be useful. Could. But they're gone. Anyway you home should have a bigger place to live. And this, too flat or house is. The warehouses are storing things.

What with all those things which you get rid of? Give them to people who really may need. Unworn clothes you can a lot of people or charities appreciate. You can sell things over the Internet or other aukro bazaars, other things can leave for denuding by using special websites . Or just throw away.

But that's not the end. Equally important and perhaps more difficult to prevent the accumulation of new things. On the whole, it's easy: just buy new stuff and do not carry home. And if you really need to buy something, choose things that last and are of good quality. Be humble and voluntarily when selecting new things demanding on quality.

Author: Martin Mach Ondřej

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