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Valley of elephants and hippos Pavilion opened to the public

Prague Zoo has entered its 82nd season in style. The public was opened Valley Pavilion elephants and hippos. During the celebrations, was named Sita baptized the first Prague elephant. Sri Lankan leaders also promised to Prague Zoo the next two elephants.

"Valley of the elephants, which today I had the honor to open is a promise for the future. I believe that not only become a better home for elephants in Prague, but that this investment capital will further protect this species and again improve international fame Prague zoo, "said the Mayor of Prague Bohuslav Svoboda.

Also spoke at the ceremony and zoo director Miroslav Bobek and Professor Josef Koutecky, who is witness first Prague elephant Baby. Baby stay eighty years ago from Sri Lanka, as well as last fall Tamara and Janita. Also, they are now presented to the general public for the first time.

"It's amazing to see how great living conditions and Tamara Janita found in Prague," he
said Sri Lanka's Minister for Economic Development Basil Rajapaksa. Dehiwala Zoo National Director Anura De Silva later Prague Zoo director Miroslav Bobek symbolically handed both elephant and promised to Sri Lanka in the Prague zoo sends two more elephants.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony with special guests with zoo director went to the pavilion, where Sita was christened name Prague's first calf. The name comes from Sanskrit and means pure, radiant and clear, also appears in the epic Ramayana.

In the afternoon, also opened Pavilion hippos. It offers a view of hippos under water, which is quite different from that of the Prague zoo visitors know yet.

"Swimming hippo figures are staggering. The roller is especially underwater acrobatics champion, "he
said with a smile zoo director Miroslav Bobek.

Source: tz Prague zoo

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