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Milk products or their substitutes?

In recent years in our shops, there are alternatives to dairy products. Maybe you have experience with these products, maybe you have not yet registered. Which of these two groups to prioritize and why?

Milk is the perfect and most natural beverage with which the human individual meets immediately after birth. It is for us throughout life in various forms an indispensable part of our diet. Can not do without it even in old age, because it acts as a prevention against malicious osteoporosis bone.

"Dairy products can literally be described as" concentrate health and strength, "says Ing. George Kopáček, PhD. Union of Czech and Moravian Dairy project in White plus. "Dairy products are the major concentrates nutrients contained in milk - especially milk protein, milk fat, lactose, and a variety of minerals, vitamins and trace elements."

What are substitutes for dairy products?

Crisis not only loads cheaper products. This trend has also affected the products of milk and started to produce their imitation, which is a milk component replaced.
"It may be, for example replacement of milk fat by vegetable fat, which is the product cheaper. Such products can obviously produce and sell - not particularly unhealthy - but may not be labeled as dairy products, eg such as cheese, butter, etc., which in recent times very often, "says White plus specialist project." Similar labeling and naming is confusing, misleading and often in conflict with food legislation. "

Milk or "nemléko"?

When we then compared dairy products with their substitutes, reveals to us the following:
Milk proteins - are essential components of cell structures, interstitial tissue, hormones and enzymes. "They have a high digestibility, so they are easily accepted and well absorbed in the intestines and produce, provide all the amino acids needed for its development. Are also known therapeutic effects of milk, such as stomach ulcers. "
Milk fat - is energetic and protective function. It is the richest source of vitamin A, but also contains vitamins D, E and F. "Milk fat is beneficial as the diets of people suffering from diseases of the digestive tract, stomach, gallbladder and liver disease. Naturally contains 60-70% 30-40% saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, which has a very beneficial effect on the vascular system. "
Milk sugar - lactose - has a similar function in nutrition as other carbohydrates. Are mainly a source of energy that is quickly and easily exploitable. "A number of milk products, lactose, or in part, converted to lactic acid, which is also of paramount importance. In a food hamper the development of undesirable microflora putrid and acts as a natural preservative. "Likewise, operates throughout the gastrointestinal tract, especially the colon, which protects against the negative effects of putrid microflora.
Calcium - "Income from milk and dairy products is unique. The increased consumption is necessary for small children and especially among the growing youth, pregnant and lactating women, but also for older people. Calcium deficiency causes a very serious bone disease - osteoporosis and osteomalacia, clotting disorders, kidney disorders and more. In the diet of our population provide dairy products about 70% of calcium intake. The rest is supplied vegetables and fruits (16%), in Oda (7%), cereals (4%), meat and fish (3%). "
They are tastier.

Analogues of dairy products:
They are usually cheaper
"If, for example contain fat ingredients of vegetable origin, then compared dairy products have a higher proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial for example in patients with cardiovascular disease."
Their taste may not always characteristic of traditional dairy product, and their taste is typical taste of margarine track
Present vegetable fat may be beneficial to the contrary easier spreadability even after the immediate removal of the product from the refrigerator.
Some products may contain analog and healthy phytosterols. "They have important biological functions as a structural component of cell membranes and their importance to our health is related to their preventive action primarily against cardiovascular disease. If consumed in sufficient quantities, can positively affect the levels of total and LDL - cholesterol in plasma. "

Author: Šárka Pelcová

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