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Acting legend Lubomir Leipzig celebrate the ninetieth birthday

Acting legend Lubomir Leipzig celebrate the ninetieth birthday Acting legend Lubomir Leipzig celebrates 19th Apr. important anniversary, ninetieth birthday, and it actively on stage ABC Theatre, where he still plays in the comedy Mr. Kaplan has a class like that. City Theatres of Prague, where Lubomir Leipzig has been working 63 years, he has prepared for devadesátinám benefit not only performance, but also a retrospective exhibition in the foyer of the Theatre ABC.

Lubomir Leipzig spent most of his professional acting career on stage in Prague City theaters, where for 63 years his work staged 116 roles. Important is also his artistic activity in other theaters, which includes eight dozen titles: "On the stage it was definitely over two hundred roles in film and television roles 102, I do not dare to count, "sums up Lubomir Leipzig. An acting legend is not yet, "That's an exaggeration, I do not take such things seriously. No one can guarantee you that if you can survive up to fifty or a hundred. "

"Of course, I think that the best school for actors (and not only because it recognizes various forms of audience), is theater. This is the best chance to alternate types, characters, genres. I was lucky in that sense because the City Theatres of Prague had and have a character repertoire rich and diverse. Perhaps I can say, because I came here in 1950 from then-Realistic Theatre and settled there for a long time, has come a ..., "recalls his beginnings comic that still brings joy to viewers. That, in turn, draws from his family, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

A guaranteed recipe, how to keep fit in such an old age, however, has: "That no one will explain, it is individual. I, too, at thirty-five could not imagine that they live to see ninety. These are the natural and human laws, and such talk would be a philosophical treatise. "

Will celebrate his ninetieth Lubomir Leipzig in the ABC Theatre performance with Mr. Kaplan has a class like that. 17th and 18 April, played a benefit show for the public, the main benefit performance is scheduled for 19 April mainly for invited guests. From 20 March is in the upper foyer Theatres ABC can also be seen retrospective exhibition documenting the role Lubomir Leipzig Municipal Theatres in Prague from 1950 to the present. The exhibition is complemented quotes from the book itself Lubomir Leipzig and brother Ulrich. Visitors will also find a memorial book to be able to write a self Lubomir Leipzig birthday card.

Photo: O.Pýcha
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In a press release used a quote from the book Lubomir Leipzig about himself and his brother Ulrich and Jane Soprové interview.

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