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Freak folk icon Devendra Banhart present new album at Colours of Ostrava

Freak folk icon Devendra Banhart present new album at Colours of Ostrava Devendra Banhart, American singer-songwriter, respected artist and leading figure of freak folk, will perform for the first time in the Czech Republic. At this year's festival Colours of Ostrava (18 to 21 July) will present their fresh album called Mala.

"Devendra Banhart is one of the most important songwriters today. Arriving at the top creative forces, with the album already in the short time since the release garnered many positive reviews, "says Gold Holušová." Devendra will thus be put to the protagonists of this musical direction as Animal Collective, CocoRosie and Antony and the Johnsons, who are already Colours got off, "he adds." one of the most talented and charismatic performers of contemporary music, "wrote about him influential U.S. music site Pitchfork." Banhart was born in Texas, grew up in Venezuela and California and makes music that is its own universe, "says weekly New Yorker.

Devendra Banhart was born thirty-two years ago in Texas, after his parents divorced but lived up to fourteen with her ​​mother in Venezuela. Hence Devendrův occasional singing in Spanish and zeal for the heroes of the Brazilian Tropicalia movement of the 60s years, the American era hippies and psychedelia. But also as a huge overgrown hippie beard reminded his songs filmed with an acoustic guitar on the answering machine but nenavozovaly hallucinatory states, indicated in amazement simplicity, rawness and dada unusual atmosphere.

Devendrova unique talent he first noticed Michael Gira, frontman of The Swans, who had on his own label Young God released three albums - Oh Me Oh My (2002), Rejoicing in the Hands (2004) and Nino Rojo (2004). What do you imagine the New Weird America, Devendra described in the Manifesto album The Golden Apples of the Sun - twenty skladbové compilation including harpist Joanna Newson, CocoRosie and Antony and The Johnsons. Antony Hegarty S then worked on his Mercury Prize-winning album I Am a Bird Now.

Filmed custom board, but with Beck, and more and more about myself as an artist gave to know because, initially studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. Devendrovy drawings and paintings now hang in major galleries worldwide, collaborated with Yoko Ono and under cover of their album What Will We Be in 2009 received a Grammy nomination. "Sing what I can not draw, and draw it, what I can not sing," Devendra says.

Mala made ​​plate again with the help of their longtime guitarist and producer Noah Georgesona. With Georgesonem recorded most of the instruments, their creed became the sentence - "let's use the oldest recording technique that we get," for example, used the old-fashioned record Tascam, where all the wood originated hip-hop, although Banhart hip-hop never played. Eastern name "small" or rather an expression of affection to someone close connected with his fiancee, photographer and art Serbian artist Ana Kras, singing with Devendra love duet on the album Your Fine Petting Duck. Reviews conceal enthusiasm and fantastic response also accompanied Devendrovy of six concerts with the band.

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