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2000 per month in real estate will give a higher pension than II. and III. pillar

Comparison of the current real estate prices and mortgages expected pensions from pension pillars showed a clear recommendation. Monthly savings amount of 2000 CZK for 20 years can provide income II. Pillar 2 104 CZK and III. Pillar 2 700 CZK, experts say. In the case of monthly investment of the same amount to own the property, however, retired person receiving roughly twice as many.

Maintaining the standard of living after retirement may not be achieved only through financial savings products. Retirement income can be obtained also buys properties in productive age, credit and renting it. Experts recommend for this form of alternative for retirement flats of smaller size, ideally 1 +1 or 1 + KK. It is easier to get a mortgage small apartments and then rent is. "When buying and renting an apartment in Brno, the owner for 20 years, suffered from repayments and the energy around 2000 CZK. After repayment mortgage would have already paid for the lease and the only energy he had left the amount of 5500 CZK. This can be considered a form of income, "said Michael Pich, real estate agent realityč server that offers real estate price statistics for the whole Czech Republic.

While mortgage rates are all over the Czech Republic have the same, house prices are fundamentally different. In most locations housing prices are such that the purchase of the property and the lease is an amount necessary to pay more. However, there are locations where the amount of the rent at current real estate prices and mortgage repayments cover both credit and energy prices. "For example, a 1 +1 flat in Brno pay installments on 20-year mortgages at maturity 7500 CZK. For dwellings with a higher price, as is the case in Prague, of course, pay the loan more. Buying such an apartment with a maturity of 20 years, the loan is like a savings amount of 9819 CZK per month. When buying a cheap apartment in the location you have to earn the contrary, from the beginning , "commented Jan Kruntorád, CEO of Cheetah Finance, which deals with consultancy in the field of mortgage lending.

Investing in your own property, the alternative to saving in private funds II. or III. pillars of the Czech pension system. Saving in II. Pillar is in the form of 5% levy on gross salary. The subscriber thus can choose the amount of savings is dependent on his earnings. Total 2 000 CZK per month would save more employee with a gross wage of CZK 40,000. When entering the II. Pillar 20 years before retirement, the annual appreciation of 2.5% funds and pension payment option for 20 years could make his retirement 2104 CZK. It results from the calculator Důchodová portal.

In the third. pillars, you can save any amount. When saving CZK 2000 per month for the extra participant savings monthly state allowance 230 CZK. "With the proceeds of the property, we also compared the yield on savings III. pillars. In appreciation of 2.5% for 20 years would have one month to receive 2700 CZK. All calculations of the pension for 20 or 30 years from II. or III. pillars are indicative, however, of course. No one can predict the movements of the financial markets for two years, let alone decades. People, however, are grateful for each zoom amount that could be from their private accounts with pension companies receive in retirement. Feels is considerable pressure on the decision whether to enter into private pillars, "said Lenka Bízová, analyst portal

Source: Lesenský.cz

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