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Data on processed cheese sometimes do not match reality

The indications given on the packaging of processed cheese sometimes do not match reality. The test demonstrated that certain cheeses contain up to 12% more fat content than stated. Neither the declared protein content can not always be relied upon.

On two melted cheeses - Milko Bio (smelter cheese Zásmuky Ltd. Salix) and Apetito Beda (TPK Hodonín) - significantly deviated values ​​placed and measured fat in dry matter. Legal standards while tolerating excess fat content of more than 4%. Conversely cheese Tenere Toast (Bonifaz Kohler GmbH Germany Lindenberg) was less dry than the manufacturer declared. Negative deviations but are not permitted. "Dtest Association lodged a complaint regarding the products at the State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority," the test manager magazine dtest Václav Beneš.

The test showed that products are microbiologically safe, but very different in content nutritionally valuable substances. Milk protein content found at each of processed cheeses differed up to five times. "In five cases was also true protein content is lower than the manufacturers declared by up to two percent," said Václav Beneš.

Laboratory found significant differences in the content of calcium. When converted to one hundred grams of processed cheese products he had from 153 to 745 milligrams, with health professionals recommended daily intake of calcium is 800 milligrams. Highest protein and calcium in the tests had cream cheese Mayor of MADETA Czech Budejovice. Fewest both substances in the product was Tanya Ring fine of Tanya Nyrsko.

The tests showed that all of the fat in processed cheese originated only from milk, did thus falsifying vegetable fat. If part of the milk fat replaced with less expensive plant, already in the name of the food shall appear the word cheese, and is a fused product, or fused fine product. "It is always advisable to read through all the data on the composition of the products. Customers buy instead of melted cheese cheaper substitute, "recommends Václav Beneš.

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