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First wading in Czech zoo

First wading in Czech zoo Prague Zoo keepers have scored another major success. For the first time in Czech zoos they managed to reproduce wading Australian. These birds reproduce only five zoos in Europe.

"Prague breeding pair stubbornly observes Australian nesting season, while others flétnáci in European zoos are trying to nest in the summer, Prague flétnáci suffers during winter," says emergency curator of birds Anthony Vaidl. "In the Czech Republic before us no other zoo multiply. "

Breeding wading was not without problems. Parental couple of eggs about a week diligently cared, but later left the clutch. Breeders therefore put it to the hatchery, where the 24th February hatched chick. Adult birds have nest did not pay attention, so breeders have access to artificial breeding.

After five weeks, the baby already very similar to adult birds, yet is far from independent. Approximately two weeks after leaving the nest teaches young adults forage for food, only then their role is at an end. It is at this stage, it is now also prvoodchov Prague.

The baby in the aviary Bird Wetlands moves once manage to hunt for food without help. It is also important warmer weather.

Australian wading currently treats about ten zoos in Europe, only five leads them reproduce.

Flétnáci Australian Czech name acquired by resonant voice reminiscent of the flute. They are very intelligent and pushing. Prague breeding pair initially held in common with other Australian aviary birds entirely subordinate position, very soon, however, thanks to the cleverness earned a position at the very top of the hierarchy.

Source: tz Prague zoo
Photo: A. Vaidl, T. Adamec

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