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Luna Theatre Brno or to coffee in 2013

Luna Theatre Brno or to coffee in 2013 Do you have love for coffee cake? And what about for example in the form of theater to coffee? This offers a delicious choice for the fourth year original Brno Brno Luna festival or theater to coffee. Served in fourteen carefully selected cafes.

Their best offers nineteen pieces of theater with musical accompaniment of more than twenty local musical groups. Coffee theater season runs exactly twenty eight in the evening and on the first bite, you can enjoy the 22nd 4th 2013 Café Kunštátská Threesome.

If perhaps agonizing with monitoring of their offspring, you do not select this year's program and performance specifically for them, but that you certainly entertain you as well. Always start at 18.00 hours, participation and voluntary admission, entertainment, however, is unique.

The fourth annual festival continues to familiarizing the public with the Brno independent theater and music scene. This is the concept of theater performances taking place directly in selected cafes in the city center, which is normally a significant contribution to cultural life in Brno.

Brno is a multi-genre incubator of new cultural opportunities, and festival program offers only for residents of Brno. Many performance is processed, so that avoid language barriers, so we welcome the organizers and visitors.

Brno Lunapark ideological concept came from the combination of ideas with the concept of academic theater, namely MgA Paul Badura (Divo4) and Mgr. Viktor Pantůčka (teacher at Masaryk University in Brno). The project is implemented Kulturárium civic association in cooperation with the Institute of Musicology of the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University and the students.

Luna Theatre Brno or to coffee in 2013 will take place on 22 4th - 23 5th 2,013

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