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Vaccination of children - to correct misconceptions!

For decades, the company persists in many false considerations of vaccination. The cause is usually in a poor understanding of how the process actually works. Not subject to any rumors you too?

Objection One: overloaded immune system

Perhaps the most common concern of parents is that the child's immune system can be "overloaded" if it gets more than one vaccine at a time. These doubts began to grow after immunization to accumulate more and more substances - some have even been combined to give a single injection. But all is calm expression of experts, which are based on studies already carried out repeatedly. If vaccination is administered in combination, are observed more frequent side effects. Sometimes parents still require the distribution of the time of vaccination. For this procedure but there is no scientific justification. Additionally, when the delay vaccination baby at risk by infecting diseases.

Objection Two: vaccination against "eradicated" disease

Some people assume that there is no more need to vaccinate against the disease, which is in the country thanks to the blanket vaccination no longer occurs. But the problem remain "imported" disease: an infected person from another country or continent can arrive and bring with them disease, which is the target destination does not exist already. Unvaccinated individuals can become infected and very vaccinated population then easily acquire a plague. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself against diseases and already in the society seem to pose no threat.

Objection Three: natural immunity is better than the vaccine-induced

Another argument against vaccination is that the immunity acquired after overcoming infection provides better protection than the vaccine-induced immunity. It is true that natural immunity may in some cases longer than the immunity induced by vaccination, but the risk of infection, vaccination outweigh the risks, and it is valid for all recommended vaccinations.

Prevention is always important, therefore, protect yourself and your loved vaccination. For more details, you can check with your GP.


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