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Advertising on debt: an attack on the lowest instincts

Providers of non-bank loans, often attacking the lowest instincts, use extortionate practices and sexist innuendo. Absurd advertising on consumer loans announced dtest magazine along with server

"Christmas without gifts the kids will not like it" - advertising, which acts on emotions and urges the uncontrolled debt, is ranked one of the top rails. Advertisement also used sexist innuendo and half-naked women. "Juror delivered a ad that specifically mentioned as its target group unemployed, women on maternity leave and retirees. Targeting loans to these particularly vulnerable groups of people who need to protect against indebtedness is extremely callous, "says Patrik Nacher, owner server and adds:" At least tasteful advertising came mostly from unknown non-bank entities. "

The competition was held following the successful campaign against unnecessary borrowing, which led dtest over the last year. Its aim was to encourage participants to reflect not only the advertising messages, but also over lending and borrowing in general. The competition was attended by nearly 150 examples of ads, especially from secondary school students.

Advertising on consumer loans is partially regulated by law. In the event that it mentioned the cost data must also communicate accurate and specific information by law. "We must not, however, ignore and ethical point of view. Many companies creates the impression of social responsibility and invests a lot of money into the financial education, but this does not accord well with slogans such as: 'Rent a Christmas gift,' "says Milos Borovička, Legal Advisor magazine dtest.

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