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Highway may not be just for cars. Europe tries cyklodálnice

Europe is testing a new transport experiment: cyklodálnice. Unlike traditional cycling are conducted most directly, are illuminated and are wide enough, so they can ride a high average speed. And to take care of them as a classic road for cars: in winter one removes snow. The effort is as pleasant as possible and speed up traffic on a bicycle.

Cyklodálnice offer users even more convenience: for example, are available along the way dofouknutí pumps for bicycles or stop drinking water. Semaphores are the most cyklodálnicích clocked so that the average cyclist traveling at 20 km per hour passed their lights on "green" wave. It will not, of course, in the city center, but on its periphery is substantially faster cycling.

According to the promoters of these cyklodálnic road construction positive impact on savings in health care. Dutch quantify their cyklosíť save State € 40 million a year on health care spending. Compared to this amount are then spending on transport infrastructure for small wheels.

Cyklodálnice be an attraction especially for the people who need to travel to a remote place more than five kilometers. Studies show that if the target is far more than five kilometers, people tend to use other means of transport, usually a car or bus.

Promoters bicycle while you puzzled about how people to use bicycles for distances greater than five kilometers lure. One of the answers are just cyklodálnice. After he was one of them started last year, rose to The fifteen route between Copenhagen suburbs and the city of cyclists by ten percent.

"We know that the Dutch are getting fatter, they have plenty of exercise and a lot of drinking and smoking. Bicycle as means of transport in this light, seems like a great thing, "says
Lars Gaardhøj, chairman of the Copenhagen Commission for Environment and Green Development." People who ride bikes tend to be healthier. "

Unlike using a car wheel is inefficient and unhealthy, especially if in the city center will create constipation. People then just sit and wait in your car, instead of creating something of value works.

Cyklodálnice not only in Copenhagen, the German Berlin were opened twelve, the same number of British London prepares to open and Sweden indicated its opening four-lane cyklodálnice between Malmö and Lund.


According to the article 'Bicycle highways' help save healthcare Costs in Northern Europe published on the server EurActiv fourth April 2013.


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