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Vaccination of children: harmful or beneficial?

Czech health care for themselves can be proud of in a few areas in which it has traditionally been one of the best in the world, in addition to low infant mortality rate, for example, a well-developed system and organization of vaccination of children.

What health professionals generally consider advantages and benefits, however, indicate some parents trick for companies dealing with vaccines and foremost as a threat to their children. Increasingly in the Czech Republic there are parents that vaccinations for their children refuse.

Recommendation versus duty

In Western European countries are vaccinated against childhood diseases usually referred to as "recommended", even though it is undergoing a large majority of the population. In contrast, in the Czech Republic is a wide range of children's vaccination referred to as mandatory and some parents are therefore afraid of punishment if your child is vaccinated leave. Vaccination rates classic children's diseases is also for this reason with us one of the highest.

Parents, in fact, be no legal recourse in the event that your child will not leave "mandatory" vaccination. However, its decision must be evidenced in writing pediatrician and child, if vaccination is missed, you may have problems such as admission to kindergarten or to some common children's events.

Why are parents afraid of vaccination?

Although vaccination against childhood diseases since its introduction saved countless children's lives, some parents are worried about him ironically. Perhaps it is not surprising at a time when the new recommended and required vaccinations are added as mushrooms after the rain, and many parents will then ask my child does not serve only as a means of earning for multinational vaccine manufacturer, who is the health system simply try to make the most of the risk of infectious diseases therefore artificially exaggerate?

In relation to the concerns of parents of vaccination and its rejection in some Western European countries as well as recently discovered epidemic of dangerous childhood diseases that caused the death of several children, and most parents again, always convinced that it is safer to let their children vaccinated. The controversy, however, will vaccination (especially the children) are likely to accompany you forever.

Great vaccination cases of recent history

Vaccines and Autism - in 1998 in the prestigious journal Lancet published an article that based on a few cases gave clear connection to the vaccination of children and the emergence of autism, relatively rare and serious mental disability. Although later emerged a wealth of information that absolutely znevěrohodnila end of the article (and the article was about more than ten years later, the magazine formally withdrawn), this study could raise concerns of parents around the world. Especially in the United States and therefore today many parents refuse to vaccinate their children because of concerns about autism and the relationship between vaccination and autism is still a topic of heated debate.

Sweden: smallpox and whooping cough - in the early 70 years broke out in Sweden epidemic of smallpox, which at that time had not yet been completely eradicated. The cause of the protests of parents who for religious and entirely practical reasons, refused to let their children vaccinated against the disease. A few years later in Sweden to change ceased to vaccinate against whooping cough, and most children because at the time the disease is commonly undergone Fortunately, most with no fatalities.

United Kingdom: Pertussis - 70 and 80 the last century, public opinion turned against vaccination against whooping cough in Great Britain and vaccination coverage of the population gradually declined. Only after several deaths from the disease again increased to approximately 90 percent today.

Netherlands: German measles - in the years 1999-2000 in the Netherlands died three children to rubella and dozens were hospitalized in critical condition. Outbreak especially among members of certain religious groups that traditionally rejects any vaccinations.

Author: MD. Helena Janíčková, expert uLékař
Source: U lékař

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