, social magazine - a professional counselor to families in trouble - a professional counselor to families in trouble How to solve the problems of children with learning or behavior? How to tell the child about the problems in your family or a divorce? What psychological problems the child may have and how to solve them? How to care for a child seriously ill or disabled? What impact has television on children? You were ever to answer such questions?

Comprehensive information on these, as well as many other issues offers extensive information portal that at the beginning of April celebrated 600 days since its inception and has reached the border of 150,000 visits. Creating a website Sirius Foundation initiated.

"As a mother, I know from experience that every problem concerning the child's parents are very troubled, and therefore diligently seek the best solutions and advice. The portal gives kids chance for individual problems and situations not complete and verified information, but also provides tips and resources related literature and key recommendations, where parents can find support, including appropriate contacts in the workplace, "says
Hana Hoffmann Foundation of Sirius.

Expert advice, assistance and individual life stories will find families who have found themselves in a variety of difficult situations, eg due to physical or psychological problems of the child, risk behaviors, partner or financial problems, and families caring for a child with a disability or a serious illness . All articles are produced in cooperation with leading Czech experts such as Dr.. Jaroslav Šturma, doc. Mgr. PaedDr. Jan Michalik, PhD., Mgr. Mgr. Jerome Klimes, Ph.D., Assoc. MD. Bohuslav Mrzena, PhD., And many others.

The lyrics are so characterized by professionalism, quality and depth of insight. "We want the portal for parents reliable source of information and support, enabling them to make sense of the problem, which is related to the severity of their child, and help them quickly and easily find adequate and effective assistance and solutions, "says Hana Hoffmann Foundation of Sirius. offers extra each month the main article on some current topic that interested parents. It also includes a video interview with an expert, infographics, survey and other information. In the month of April is the topic of prenatal diagnosis. Those interested in a comprehensive material DOCT all of its methods, success, positive and potential negative. Other major topics in the past year such as aggression and bullying among children, the impact of divorce on children and sexual abuse of children.

The aim of the implementer - Sirius Foundation is to help children that have been lucky in life.
Foundation seeks a systematic and effective solutions to the problems of children with an emphasis on prevention. Maximum use of Czech and international experience and best practices, collaborates with leading experts. During his tenure, the Foundation supported a number of projects aimed at vulnerable families and children, as well as initiates campaign

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