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Indigenous medicine from South America and Europe heals wounds

What a long time ago knew wise traditional healers in South America begins today revealing a Western medicine. A substance called papain can play a very important role in the decomposition of toxins, has strong antiseptic and antioxidant effects and may be a good digestive and anti-inflammatory helper.

Fission power

Papain is very powerful digestive enzyme commonly found in fruits papaya - of these are also extracted. It is so powerful that it is able to cleave otherwise very resistant protein fibers. Decomposes proteins into smaller parts, namely peptides and even the smallest amino acid, in a wide pH range. For this reason it was commonly used in South America as aid digestion when eating meat.

Assistant to the health of the organism

For its diverse properties papain can really work widely in the body, which helps to fight with multicolored health problems.

Support digestion

With its ability to easily cleavage of proteins with papain enzyme used as a support - whether as helping an enzyme gastric, pancreatic, and intestinal.

Skin and Wound Healing

Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties already use traditional culture of Hawaii and Tahiti. Their representatives tiles produced from the fruit of the papaya, which used to heal wounds, burns, rashes or insect stings.
Papain has great potential for local treatment of burns, wounds or irritated skin, and it is also used for healing ulcers and bedsores. Its exact efficiency but still exploring.

The immune system

Papain may also be a good tool in the fight against cancer. This proteolytic enzyme helps modulate the reaction of white blood cells in the immune response. Some studies show that it might even have direct anti-tumor effects.

Anti-inflammatory resistance

Research has confirmed that papain is very resistant to inflammation, and can help control joint inflammation and prostate cancer.
One study showed that the effective substance also helps reduce swelling accompanying inflammation of the prostate.


Papain also contains ingredients that can help protect the body from cell damage caused by free radicals.
This enzyme could also become a substitute for natural chemical substances added to yogurt which enhance survival of probiotic bacteria.

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