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Fru Fru: a new video with Lenka Dusilová directed by Tomas Matonoha

Fru Fru: a new video with Lenka Dusilová directed by Tomas Matonoha Třebíčská band Fru Fru is properly primed. Recently, the group launched a new album called Freak Show, not long after the video for the single of the initial board and now chalked up to another video for the song War.

The alternative rock quartet again set the security and teamed up with Thomas Matonoha that clip directed and as a distinguished guest invited to shoot Luna Dusilová. To your choice is not random, Lenka Dusilová also participated in the recording of this song.

The band Fru Fru recorded in recent days, his second video for the song War from the album Freak Show. The first clip of the band called Freak Show, the audience certainly interested and amused, as it is set in the theater and a number of celebrities such as Nella Boudová, Petr Čtvrtníček, or Luke Pavlásek, here played by at least a comic role. Maybe you have been waiting for since the formation like a touch of the second movie, but a new group of Fru Fru clip for the song War is completely opposite nature.

Comic touch was replaced by serious and sad story. It will be war! - This is the main message of the new music video group Fru Fru. It should be noted that the text is a very suggestive. "Survived it might be back, back to you, my love" and so sad phrase contains a new clip that will make everyone think about the threats of war and suffering. "Guys decided to make a video to your saddest and also most brutal song, without, without knowing what the current political situation, "adds the group leader Vaclav Bartos.

The video clip was once again under the auspices of the celebrities, the band has decided to further collaboration with actor Thomas Matonoha that clip again excellently directed. "I'm so glad that I contacted the guys again for directing their new music video. I think I understand, both for work and personal site, there is always the most fun filming and directing me having fun, "says actor and movie director Tomas Matonoha. The greatest achievement is then performing singer Lenka Dusilová that in the clip War authentically portrayed the role of Black Widow, who is waiting for her boyfriend to return from the war.

New album Freak Show with original musical performances and imaginative texts that permeate across all genres, includes bonus in the form of exaggeration, that the band uses in both texts as well as presentations of movies. On the new album, the band took great care and prepared him for over a year with producer Milan Cimfe that album and recorded and then mixed in the studio Sono. Steel Drum, which uses the leader and singer Václav Bartos sound as if it is recorded at sea and visiting saxophones Marcel Barta or hammoniky Jan Coufal appear in the right moments and accentuate the overall impression of the album. A true icing on the album is hosting Lenka Dusilová which reciprocates and vocal participation Vaclav Bartoše on the album BAROMANTIKA.

Video clip here

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