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Finale Plzen launch preview movies like never directed Bars

Finale Plzen launch preview movies like never directed Bars World premiere of the new film as a director never Zdenek Tyc with George SCHMITZER, Tatjana Medvecký and Petra Špalkova starring begin on Sunday 21st April 26th annual film festival Finale Plzen.

Supporting Actor in a chamber slide, which comes to theaters in autumn 2013, for example, confided director Mark Nemec, Lubos Vesely, Zdenek Palusgovi or Mark Taclík. The film screenplay by Margaret Bidlasové spun at a mill in Podmokly in Beroun, Prague and around the castles of.
The end of summer in the frame also means the end of life. Artist Vladimir (Jiří Schmitzer) dies. House in beautiful countryside is his last refuge, death is inevitable, and he does not want to die in a stolen hospital. Two women who assisted his uneasy death, his present partner Karla (Petra Špalková) - mid-thirties painter, Bohemians, a former lover jaruna (Taťjana Medvecká) - married about fifty-five nurse. The trio leads a futile fight to the death, fighting with themselves, and between themselves - which brings each of them a clean ...

Image arises in film and television companies TotalHelpArt tha producer Ondrej Trojan, co-produced film is Czech Television and PubRes. "It is our thirteenth film and the third, which rotates largely outside of Prague," said Ondrej Trojan. "Those two earlier, when the whole crew slept on the exterior, Divided We Fall and Želary were American Academy nominated for an Oscar. So this image I wanted to do the same, "he added.

26th annual film festival Finale Plzen, which is the largest balance sheet and a festival of Czech film takes place in the West metropolis from 21 to 27 April. Overall, there will be mentioned during the seven days approx 170 shots - feature films, documentaries, known and unknown, from the archives.

The program will add an all new Czech films feature a wide selection of domestic documents, the most interesting contemporary German fiction and documentary films, tributes Ester Krumbachová, Pavel Kohout and Břetislav Pojar, rarity Vitus Klusák and Philip Remunda section of Wings of Fame films Juraj Jakubisko, George tailor's, and the open-air screening of Menzel, a selection of short films Fein.KOšt, debate revolves ... How?, the premiere of parts All power to the people Stalin director Robert Sedlacek and screenwriter Paul Kosatík cycle of Czech Television century, the exhibition of 32 large-format photographs capricious summer Menzel, readings Emil Hakl, Jaroslava Rudiš or Vlastimila TŘEŠŇÁK, talkshow with Simona Babčáková and director Robert Sedlacek, PechaKucha Night, performances Polívková Anne and James X. Bara, concerts Neruda or Vladivojna La Chia ...

President of the International Jury of the new Czech feature films and animated films for the Golden Kingfisher becomes an American producer Richard McCallum, which is for example three sequels in a series of Star Wars. Beside him in the jury will include Bulgarian film director and producer Zornitsa Sophia, executive vice president of Slovak Film and Television Academy, consultant and producer Susan Mistríková, German film director and screenwriter Christian Schwochow, a Czech film director, cinematographer and screenwriter Radim Spacek.

New Czech documentary films examine the jury headed by German director, screenwriter and producer Hans-Erich Viet, then its members are Czech producer, writer and director Elizabeth Kaplicky Fuchs, and Head of Industry DOK DOK Leipzig Christine Hille.

Source: Press Release

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