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Cyclists in Prague lacks a safe journey. Nevertheless, their number has doubled

Residents of the city are learning to use the bicycle as a common means of transport, the number of regular riders for the last two years has doubled. At least once in 2012, sat on the bike in the capital city in a full half of the people of Prague. Yet they lack a safe way and can park. This stems from research firm GfK, which was prepared for the Prague City Hall.

The study used a bicycle as a daily means of transport 120,000 people. The season runs at least once a week, even two hundred thousand inhabitants of the city. The survey, however, confirmed the chronic problems of Prague's streets, cyclists on the roads do not feel safe, quality does not improve infrastructure and a lack of places to safely park their bikes. According to the survey people "to some extent appreciate the efforts to improve, but as the pace of change and the current status of causing disillusionment."

Research also suggests that because of reluctant approach to building suitable conditions for cyclists on Prague roads, people who would like to bike rode, this flavor is lost. According to the survey, thus losing the potential for even greater development of cycling as urban transport.

According to the survey, the regular use of bicycles positive signs in fewer car trips, but it also detracts from public transport users. Therefore, further development of cycling could help a greater opportunity to combine travel with a bike ride public transportation.

According Vratislava Filler on the initiative Auto * Mat survey demonstrates Although the development of cycling in the last two years, but at the same time apparently shows the slowing of this trend. "Research confirmed the huge potential that is round in Prague. Promoting bicycle from the management of the city but practically stopped. Maybe that's why the municipality reluctant to publish the results of the survey, "says Filler.

Currently, the share of rounds in the total number of trips in Prague two percent. Magistrate but in its approach to the development of cycling envisages that by 2020, the share of rounds on all trips undertaken seven percent. According to Auto * Mat is hardly achievable, because of neglect of infrastructure development. According to activists in the last two years has originated with the exception of large-scale reconstruction of the intersection on the seafront Captain Jaros any action by people hacking on the bike significantly improved conditions where it is most needed. Key sections of the town center are still difficult to passable.

However, the research shows that after a significant easing of barriers to the season several times a week rode a bike over three hundred thousand inhabitants of Prague. In addition to space separate from the car missing cyclists in particular the possibility to park safely at the destination.

On average, the Prague bike daily cover a distance of 560,000 km. In winter cycling regularly 44,000 inhabitants of Prague, in the summer it is four times more. Women consider cycling as dangerous, but at the same time a promise of far more potential to improve conditions for cyclists.

According Vratislava Filler last five years consistently deepens critical of cyclists to infrastructure, whether it be trails or bicycle lanes. "Can you explain this as a result of contentious experience with the implementation of a predominantly low quality and not comfortable enough for cyclists. Way I look still emerging cycling and other infrastructure, seems to cyclists still more disappointing, "says survey Filler.


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