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German Frankturt about innovation in waste recycling: the yellow container can be put and metals

For residents of Frankfurt occur once relieved. Until now the Frankfurters to give a yellow plastic container packaging. According to the waste management companies but about half of the waste packages and not waste even a quarter did not belong in the recycle bin. Newly, residents Frankfurt give the yellow container all plastics and all metals. Maybe the old pot.

This is a pilot study of waste management companies FES Frankfurt, Frankfurt which takes care of waste from about sixty thousand people. The impetus to launch a pilot project decisions of the federal government, which will amend the law on recycling and by 2015 implement the nationwide recycling containers into usable materials. This should facilitate the separate collection of household waste for subsequent recycling.

"In a big city such as Frankfurt, yellow containers have considerable difficulty accepting the public. Many consumers do not know for sure what the yellow container belongs and what does not, "says
Managing Director of FES Benjamin Scheffler.

In 2012, the population of Frankfurt parse every 17 kg of plastic and metal containers in yellow. FES wants to increase the amount of five kilograms per person.

According to Article Alles aus Metall und Plastik in eine Tonne issued on the server Frankfurter Allgemeine Gesellschaft March 25, 2013.

Author: Aneta Ritz-Radlinská

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