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How to arrange a pleasant working environment according to feng-Shuei

Most of us spend much of their working day in the office, so we should think about ensuring a pleasant working environment. The way to create such conditions may be such as Chinese science of Feng-Shuei. It works on the principle of harmonization of man and the space in which it is located.

Based on simple rules for all of us to simply and gently support your success or labor productivity in the office. In this article we give you tips on how to reshape the office or rearrange, without the need for large investments.

First Ground-plan offices

According to the Chinese energy apprenticeship is an ideal floor plan functional office square. So if you have a choice and making a completely new area, try to find one that will have the same ratio between the width and length of the area. If your agency already works and has a square plan, try to at least avoid creating so-called dead spaces. These are recesses which create shortage or a surplus of energy. Therefore it is recommended přepažovat room furniture or curtain and otherwise compartmentalize your desktop. According to the principles of feng-Shuei the foundation should be maximum openness of space.

Second Colors and combinations thereof

As for colors, feng-Shuei while allowing their mixing in space, but a whole should always act consistently and harmoniously. In one room is the best way to combine a maximum of three colors, one of which is dominant and the other complementary. Although the psyche of every human being has different shades to the office are recommended mostly timbres cooler. We should avoid multi-colored designs, which according to feng-Shuei break energy. "In the case of color office equipment should reduce tones of black, which has a negative effect. We should also avoid bright white, which gives a sense of sterility. On the walls and ceiling are especially suitable light color, on the south side of the room can turn to helping a lucky shades of red, "says Jana Martínková of the company Activa. Ta of the Czech Republic provides the widest range of needs for office and arranging the work space takes into account ergonomics and color.

3rd Plants as an energy source

According to the teachings of feng-Shuei we can not wait to increase profits and prosperity if southeast workspace or office to reserve the plants. We should especially prioritize the green, with flowers and round leaves. These include orange, lime or fíkusy. Are acceptable and artificial plants. On the contrary, we should avoid dried flowers and plants with thorns. Although such cactus seems to be a perfect accessory for undemanding office, the work environment, we can not therefore be placed. However, if the plants nepotrpíme or health reasons we can not put into office, it is possible to replace and art. For example, the symbol of oak, preferably with acorns, according to the Chinese learning brings success and prosperity.

4th Location desk

To create a pleasant and functional working environment is very important location workbench. It should be located as far away from the door and at the same time provide a view out the window. At the same time we are away from the table should not look directly into the wall. The important thing is of course also the material from which it is our working surface made. For business or conference tables are ideal raw material metal or wood. Among the most popular types are beech veneer, cherry or maple. Within a workspace, however, we certainly have the ingredients to combine. Equip office in only one type of material is not appropriate, or in accordance with Feng-Shuei.

5th Lighting and light sources

Our perception is undoubtedly influenced interior room lighting, whether it is a clear day or artificial light. The agency is based on multiple sources of light in the form of accent lighting or lamps, which according to the Chinese energy apprenticeship can turn this energy. On the contrary, placing only one large chandelier in the room embodies statičnost.Obecně is not recommended for use in an office environment, too much sun energy. It is better to compensate for it being a larger number of smaller light sources. Personal work space should be enough to enlighten such as table lamp, which is located on the south-facing part of the table.

6th Accessories and Decoration

Office environment should be comfortable and should produce favorable impressions, their decoration and color settings, however, should be different from the equipment to our home. Home use is mainly to recharge your batteries and accessories chosen so as to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Working areas should, however, be equipped with up to concentrate on work performance. "Working environment we should create bland, gray. On the other hand, well-chosen combination of supplements can brighten the entire space. The colored folders can for example create a strong wall that will act optimistically. Similarly we can use to decorate the space as green punches, staplers hot pink or rainbow-colored terminal. Thus color detail has a positive effect on our mood and stimulate job performance, "explains Jana Martínková of the company Activa.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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