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The most dangerous products in category Clothing

Nearly 2,300 dangerous products increased in 2012 in the database Dangerous One third of them is formed by the clothes, especially children.

Risks faced by the clothing warn supervisory authorities often are strangulation or hanging. The reason is trivial, it is a long string. "Supervisory authorities from different European countries were registered cases of repeated capture of cords in the hood such as children on the playground. Some have resulted in fatal injuries. Similarly, also too long drawstring at the waist for example, can capture the vehicle and cause subsequent towing or wishes for a child, "says associate dtest Jan Richtr.

Cases of fatal accidents initiated the creation of a European technical standard EN 14682, which regulates the precise arrangements of children's clothing by age of the child, especially the length of lines at different parts of the garment. "Czech consumers often wonder why the clothing is marked as dangerous only because of the long presence of drawstrings. We recommend, however, only the string cut to the appropriate length, "explains Jan Richtr.

According to the standard must be dressed children under seven years of age at all fitted with drawstring hood and neck area. For seven to fourteen-year children may have the longest length of 7.5 cm. Strings in the chest and waist, should not exceed the length of 14 cm.

Clothing can hide other hazards, such as choking if the clothing for kids contains small parts (eg stones), which can be easily separated and the child can then inhale or swallow. Parts of garments labeled as dangerous also contains illegal chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions such as.
Database Hazardous collects data from the European System of dangerous products RAPEX, the Czech and Slovak supervisory authorities and the results of testing magazine dTest.

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