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Agriculture is alive! Make sure the Open Day

Agriculture is alive! Make sure the Open Day Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic on the basis of the obtained subsidies preparing for this year's major project "Agriculture is alive", which includes educational-awareness activities, which seek to improve the overall understanding of the field of the general public.

The aim of the project is to promote agriculture by supporting programs at agricultural fairs and open days at selected farms.

The first pilot open day will be held on the 3rd and 4 May 2013 in Agricultural company Šestajovice-jirny near Prague, where the public can learn about the operation of the farm and taste the local produce.

The main objective of the project is more attractive image of agriculture as a whole in the eyes of the general public, especially the young generation, on whose shoulders lies the future of agriculture in the Czech Republic. An important part of the project is also to improve cooperation between secondary schools and agricultural farms in their area, therefore most efficient to apply theory to practice.

Other tools of the project - Open Day - should point to understanding the links between agricultural production, food and the environment, and interactively introduce the younger generation with the importance of agriculture. Open Days will take place in the Member firms of the Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic across all regions.

The earliest possible opportunity to get to know Czech agriculture in practice will pilot the Open Day, which takes place on Friday and Saturday, the 3rd - 4th May 2013, in cooperation with agricultural trading company Šestajovice - jirny.
Guests will know what it means to ordinary working day farmer, what care require livestock will be able to view the premises and facilities of the whole complex, including pigs, cattle and sheep. They will also have the chance to get acquainted with the primary link in a long process of food production.

For clarity will also be a tasting products directly from the farm, comprising as fresh milk and delicious local sausages. With questions may contact everyone involved professionally trained staff with experience and practice in the field.

According to the directors of the company Ing. Milos Bulíř the young and old have something to look forward to. The program will include a live band and gifts for kids. "Take your kids and come together to see how nowadays milked cows and how the pigs. I believe that will take away new insights from the life of the farm and nice experience of the day, "invites parents and children, Mr. Ing. Miloš Bulíř.
Children will appreciate an authentic encounter with farm animals and entertaining educational program and play area, which will be ready for them.

Source: Press Release

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