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Can you properly sort waste unusual?

Most of us have been able to classify normal trash without hesitation. In green containers include glass, blue old paper belongs to a yellow plastic CARRY. Sometimes, however, the household will find unusual waste that even conscientious tříditelé thrown somewhere where you actually are not. Where do you sort out the toner, the shards of a mirror, wrap the eggs and other non-typical waste'll give you the following article.

First Packages from eggs

Most of us would carton of eggs with a clear conscience tossed into the blue container for the collection of paper. But the truth is that paper wrappers eggs are made of the lowest quality paper fibers and their further processing is problematic. In this case, it is appropriate unsorted and blow container in a classical mixed waste. It is similar to the rolls of the toilet paper. Paper can be recycled because only seven times. After that, the fiber is too short and does not produce any paper again.

Second Old toners

The old toner cartridge in the printer is not in itself considered hazardous waste, so in theory it can with impunity blow to household waste. The environment is more favorable to sort out the old toner cartridge, ensuring its recycling. "Old toners to pick the printer together with the electro. Submit it to our citizens to appropriate recycling of WEEE in communities, schools or companies and have them pay with the appliance in the project either lazy, "says Peter Kubernát of the company REMA system that implements the take-back of WEEE.

3rd Broken Mirror

Although probably most of us went with shards of broken mirror to the nearest green bin for glass, definitely does not belong there. Glass mirrors does contain a metal layer that glass can not be removed. The correct way is thus throw the pieces into the household waste. Similarly, in a green container does not belong autosklo, porcelain or acrylic, which I occasionally some of the uninformed tříditelů waste bin.

4th Bottle of oil

If used oil container by indiscriminately throwing plastics, to make mistakes. Oil residue in the bottle can be recycled into very complicated. Do plastics include this container only after a thorough washing with warm water and washing dishes. Otherwise, it would rather throw household waste. Similarly, it is better before dropping into the yellow container wash or at least really scramble and a plastic cup of yogurt. Minor pollution of plastic packaging, although not mind, but it is good to keep in mind that grease and food residue limit the recycling of packaging sorted out.

5th Discarded CD and DVD

With the progress of technology is often also say goodbye to the old CD or DVD media, the question is where to put them. We can take them to a collection point, sort it but i can along with retired electrical appliances. "Although CD and DVD are not according to the official classification of electro, with close to him, and therefore we gather together with discarded electrical equipment and subsequently handed over for further processing," said Petr Kubernát of the company Rema system, which in addition to toners, DVD and CD taking back together with the electro-well batteries or bulbs.

6th Tissues

Although the tissue paper, after using the container to the paper for hygienic reasons definitely not. Paper recycling is further complicated by the pollution, and therefore the blue container is not suitable throw fatty or paper packaging. Do not waste paper or paper used in diapers and feminine hygiene products, which also usually contain a dash plastic. Dirty paper to throw away containers black or gray color, intended to classic mixed municipal waste.

7th Polystyrene thermo covers

Thermo into which our restaurant packed lunch with you, everyone would thoughtlessly tossed into the trash. Polystyrene is, the type of plastic and is a valuable resource. In nature, moreover, itself decompose. Therefore properly belongs to the yellow container. Prior to his ejection, however, again forgetting to purge it from the leftovers.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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