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Incredible Adventures Tada Stone's

Incredible Adventures Tada Stone's Incredible Adventures Tad Stones, family animated film about saving the mythical Lost City of the Incas, winning three prizes Goya, heading to the Czech cinemas.

9th May come in Czech cinemas animated family film The Incredible Adventures Tad Stones, who from this year's Spanish Goya awards took home three statuettes, including best animated film.

Film in the style of Indiana Jones filmed by Spanish comics Tadeo Jones and the Secret Toactlumu by Javier Barreiro Gorka Magallon takes viewers of all ages on an adventurous journey where the dreamer Tad due to confusion with the famous archaeologist embarks on an expedition to Peru. With the help of Jeff, his faithful dog, intrepid archaeologist Sarah, silent parrot Belzoni's a crook trying to save the fabled Lost City of the Incas before the evil group of treasure hunters.

Figures in Czech voices such as Christopher snake, Libor Pear, Jitka Ježková or Libor Terš. Picture featured in both 2D and 3D will be in Czech premiere screening at the International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm 2013 Trebon.

About the film

Tad has always wanted to be a famous adventurer and archaeologist. However, the full spends his days dreaming of the cranes and cement at a construction site where he works. Chance to fulfill his dream to appear when his friend, the famous archaeologist, gets a mysterious stone slab, Key to the lost city of Paititi and his legendary treasure. Just at the moment when it is ready to hit the road, it becomes unfortunate accident archaeologist and his expedition takes place in Tad. When you arrive in Peru, Tad finds that on the way to the lost city of Paititi is also Oddyseus - a powerful gang of treasure hunters who will stop at nothing. With the help of Sarah - intrepid archeologist, Belzoni - silent parrot with a strong character, Freddy - strange wizard with surprisingly multi-purpose jacket and Jeff - Tad nerozlučeného dog, take a risky adventure that is the need for the country to save the lost city and protect them from the clutches of a mysterious treasure criminals.

Incredible Adventures Tada Stone's

Czech premiere in cinemas: 9th 5th 2013
Directed by Enrique Gato
The Czech version: Christopher snake, Libor Pear, Jitka Ježková, Libor Terš, Bohdan Tuma, Dalimil flap, George Prager, Zdeněk Mahdal, Radan Herrmann and more ..

Source: Press Release

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