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Burma: How to become a medic in his own village

Burma: How to become a medic in his own village Imagine that you are somewhere between fifteen and thirty, lives with his family in the village, which is several hours walk away from the larger town ..

Until recently, there had been an armed conflict between rebel groups and the army, after the armistice was fortunately not shoot. Mines are but around town all the time. Where? This is indicated when each new injury or death. Armed groups while you do not fight, but I still come for taxes and various fees required. From what live here? Grow vegetables and rice, when it buys from you as well below cost, due to imports from Thailand? Many of your friends have left the country, just send home money. In the village he sees the possibility of a dignified and meaningful life ...

This is the story i osmadvacetileté Hla Tu Zar, who cleaned five years in Bangkok. When she returned to her village in Karen State in Burma, she met her future husband there, got married and first daughter. "My husband has been working for several years in Malaysia, but fortunately we can call to Thai mobile network because our village is close to the borders, and so we at least have a phone connection. "

That girl is now three years and for six weeks, will take care of her grandmother. Hla Tu Zar is undergoing a six-week training community health organization ADRA at a hospital in Mawlamyaine, capital Monského State in Burma, along with twenty other young people from rural communities. The training includes both theoretical and practical part of the basic health care, hygiene, nutrition and first aid. It reflects the specific situation in remote villages, where lives a relatively high percentage of handicapped people whose disability is often the result of trauma caused by tread missing.

"After returning home, we'll talk about what we have learned elders and teachers. I also want to meet with each other and consult on current problems that we encounter. I think we become close friends, "says
another future community health workers.

The area from which the Hla Zar comes in an election was in 2010 in the so-called "black area" - people that are not registered and did not even have a chance to vote. As for health care in government hospitals is a couple of hours walking through the often swollen river. Many people on this trip or extradite, as would financial treatment at the hospital could not afford.

In some regions they come cross-border healthcare group, but unfortunately in the village, where Hla Here comes Zar, never had such an opportunity. Training community health workers will not only improve access to basic health care in the villages, but also offers application and a new sense of life in their home communities, many young people who otherwise often go to earn money abroad. There is unfortunately often become victims of human trafficking. Villagers these young people appreciated and very often consist themselves of their livelihood.

In 2012, supported by ADRA Czech Republic with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the 16 community health workers from eight postkonflitních villages in Burma. At present, training is done with the support of the German government. By the Czech Republic in 2013 supported training for 24 community health workers.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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