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Men vs. women: who is more successful in quitting smoking?

It is said that women in this respect are less capable than men. One of the recent studies, however, showed that it is idle gossip, otherwise we would probably have long since met with special equipment, medicines and treatments aimed only at women. And what is the reality?

More respondents

Most of the studies conducted so far has been focused on a relatively small group of smokers. In contrast, featured new research by Professor Jarvis, University of London evaluate data more than 100,000 people - it has enabled a more precise analysis of the findings.

Age plays an important role

It was interesting mainly sorting results by age categories. Turns out several important aspects:
In the under 50 years, women who are quitting smoking is concerned, even better than men.
Particularly striking difference between the sexes was in the category twenties and thirties. Scientists do not give a precise explanation, but it is possible that men are more based on image, where cigarette is a symbol of independence. Consideration is also that women are themselves working age cautious and try a healthy lifestyle before a possible pregnancy.
In the elderly, but quitting success turning in favor of men. However, it is necessary to take into account their higher mortality, and therefore can bias the study results.

The differences are small

If we exempt dependent on chewing tobacco and included in the study only if more than a year abstaining smokers , we get a higher proportion of women than men who have managed their dependence rid of it - in the USA there were 50% of women compared with 46.5% of men, Similarly, the results for Canada (46% women versus 43% men). The authors even add that the gentlemen less likely to seek professional help in getting rid of tobacco dependence, and therefore may be missing in the study, those who have decided to quit on their own.

With a clear mind

It is time to stop with the preconception that women are less likely to quit smoking than men. This stereotype thinking is useful even for men who are thus subject to internal defense, or for the ladies, for that is discouraging. The most comprehensive studies also have more weight than small isolated studies.

Source: Smoking kouření.cz

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