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Castles opened its 13th chamber

Castles opened its 13th chamber Also this year, in a magical characteristic Thirteen, visitors will select ten castles in the Czech Republic opened its thirteenth chamber.

Association Golden Strip Area, which organization behind the project "Open 13th chamber "attracted several major trump card, which project substantially exceeds the standard routine inspections.

The role of guide, first of all discovers the mysterious costumed figure, tourists are involved in the examination form of interactive games and features a collection of keys to the traveler's passport, which will receive visitors at the first inspection of the ticket.

The essence of wandering around castles and chateaux are getting at least seven keys in the form of a sticker in the passport, which will allow guests to open the thirteenth chamber of secrets. Successful collectors have the right to choose which of the sites they want to otherwise inaccessible thirteenth chamber know. This will bring an unusual patient experience in the form of visits thirteenth chamber, where the mortal normally get extra experience and visits to all the senses. With the project "Open 13th chamber ", which is currently considered to be the most successful project of tourism marketing in the Czech Republic, filled putovníci leisure meaningful experience that awakens his adventure in the form of spheres of interest that could be dull recently.

Locks Decin, Kozel, Charles Crown, Slatiňany, bidding farewell Kacina, castles Grabstejn, Kost, Silesian-Ostrava Castle and monastery Broumov hiding in their intricate labyrinth of corridors yet undiscovered almost anyone thirteenth chamber, the door will be opened after visiting at least seven of the designated historic objects. outníci not only as passive listeners interpretation with a lot of AD.

The tour takes place in the company of a mysterious figure dressed according to the fashion of her own time. Visitors can find themselves in the presence of elegant ladies of the White Lady, St. Barbara and jockette panicles Brandisová. Popular pranks demonstrate Earl joker duchařinu Rudla good man. A disorderly mess with orcs or marauding knight Radouš ​​Joachim Zahozencem. The idea of catechists, visitors adjusts the engagement and consultation under the hood itself kata Herman, and how sometimes fall far from the apple tree, convinces Robber son Lotrando. There is an interactive element - a riddle, with the vyluštěním on each of the castles visitor will receive one key. He does not like solitaire almost no value, the key must be seven. No need to restrain his curiosity, just go and search for ancient secrets in the form of opening the thirteenth chamber.

Project "Open 13th chamber "started last May. By the end of 2012 have undergone a mysterious figure with a total of 19,500 visitors. One family even managed, in just eight weeks to visit all 10 participating sites. This year is calculated in addition to visits to the organization of the castle festivities with a mysterious figure involved in most of the castles.

Source: Press Release

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