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Bomber has a new album

Bomber has a new album Songs boy bloomers and will appoint a new album for the band kids bloomers.

The band was accompanied by the beginning of wit and hyperbole and a new piece of football, which is the first fruit of this album, giving a slightly taste of the atmosphere of the whole album.

The band was named after its founder. Bomber, a major figure, beatboxer and guide the album Bongo bloomers, became the inspiration for the children's musical theater Adventures boy bloomers.

And the stage was only a short walk to the recording studio Indies, where he led the band recorded bloomers (George Jelinek, Michal Dalecký and Filip Nebřenský) seventeen songs. As a guest of the band invited drummer Andrew Pečenka, the final dohrávky, mix and mastering took place in the studio Jámor Ondrej Jezek.

Album release date is May 21, 2013.
The album release party will be held on Tuesday, 6.18 17:00 Theatre in Prague Dobeška.

Listen to the song Football

Current gigs:

18/05/2013 Prague, 11.15 h, Festival Theatre in the Park
26/05/2013 Turnov, 16 h, Staročeské craft markets
June 9, 2013 Chomutov, 11.45 h, Hřebíkárna
June 18, 2013 PRAGUE, 17h THEATRE DOBEŠKA - baptism Album (
14-15.6.2013 Cheb, 10 h, festival Chebsky yards
June 27, 2013 New Castle, school performance
Semily 30 June 2013, 13.30 h, the area outside the castle
July 12, 2013 Boskovice, 17 h, Chateau Boskovice
July 13, 2013 Rabbits, 16 h, Great Square
July 18, 2013 Wallachian Mezirící, 16 h, amphitheater, park lock Kinských
August 9, 2013 Sand, 17 h, Palacky sets
August 10, 2013 Mirotice, 16 h, Mirotická meeting puppets and music
September 1, 2013 Hlučín

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