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My way - try living with disabilities

My way - try living with disabilities In a large interactive adventure world for both large and small from 4 to 29 June turned into one of the pavilions in the exhibition Holešovice. The exhibition My journey which will take place in the framework of the project is to convey the everyday lives of people with disabilities. The exhibition running at 1,350 square meters will become the largest exhibition of such a theme with us. Admission is free.

"Visitors will be able to learn and experience firsthand the daily life of people with visual, hearing and physical disabilities. They find that their worlds are different, just be on their trips to overcome other obstacles, "explains John Vožechová Foundation of Sirius." Like the whole project and exhibition My way is prepared in cooperation with experts and people with disabilities, " he adds.

The exhibition itself is made of special sections, such as: barrier-free apartments for people with disabilities, section demonstrating the movement and sensation in the area without the use of vision and, finally, section mediating communication paths with people with hearing loss. Considerable space is devoted to diverse utilities, among them you will find as a computer with voice output, pairing socks, personal amplifiers, everyday objects and dozens of others. What is it like to move a wheelchair or without the use of sight with the necessary tools in everyday traffic on the streets, visitors will be able to try on a specially constructed track. The lives of people with disabilities is also full of sports and entertainment, various motifs playground and game zone.

The everyday life of people with disabilities in the exhibition mediated by both the exhibitions and interesting accompanying program. The large projection will be watched over three hundred works of primary and secondary schools - photographs, drawings and texts relate to the creative challenges of my journey.

Monday to Friday in time from 9.00 to 15.00 hours the exhibition is open for tours organized by schools, the public will be open on weekdays from 15.00 to 18.00 hours on Saturdays from 9.00 to 18.00 hours. Visitors can take a tour of the exhibition tour.

The second wave of one of the biggest social campaigns in the Czech Republic, which focuses on the communication of people with disabilities and without, runs from the end of December 2012. In addition to media campaigns and exhibitions My journey also includes experiential workshops in secondary schools aimed at communicating with people with disabilities.

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