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Two of the carriages are dangerous Czech production

Three of the fifteen tested strollers were assessed magazine dTest as dangerous. Just two of them come from Czech producers.

For baby strollers are standards set strict requirements concerning both the mechanical and chemical safety. "Level of security in the tested products vary widely. Significant deficiencies are discovered in three carriages, namely Firkon Verano, Liberta 1lib0008 and Patron Terix 4R, "says manager testing magazine dTest Václav Beneš. For products and brands Liberta Firkon occur readily accessible children's fingers. You can thus easily pinched or trapped.

Construction of the Czech stroller brand Patron makes a child reach for the parking brake and release the brake it easily. This may happen when placed forward-facing seats, ie, toward parents. When you release the brake, for example, in the hills started, thus threatening the baby stroller.

The stroller Liberta made ​​in the Czech Republic does a child any extra collateral in the form of seat belts. "Absence of this safety feature is nowadays unthinkable. In addition, due to incoherent structures stroller the child can, in some situations the stroller literally slip away, "says Václav Beneš and adds:" The increased number of security weaknesses purchase such product strongly discouraged. "

The assay was tested fifteen combined prams, ie systems that make up the frame with the chassis, which can be deployed to other bodies such as carrycot, adjustable seat or car seat. None of the products tested compared to the past demonstrated the presence of hazardous chemicals - phthalates.

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