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Long-term stress can result in drug addiction

The present time is characterized by its haste and stress. The workload is added to the fear of everyday survival in the current economic uncertainty. The risk groups affected by stress, hence drugs are socially weak, but paradoxically, for example, top managers. Both phenomena have yet completely rational, medically based explanation.

The impact on the body

Each person responds to chronic stress in the same way: the brain sends a signal to the adrenal blood which leads to the production of so-called stress hormones.
One of the key between the hormones cortisol, which acts primarily on metabolic reserves - ie glucose, fats and proteins.
Its aim is to prepare the body for stress burden, for example by producing glucose for the brain.
The researchers found that cortisol probably works in the brain itself, which is responsible for the emotional component of stress.

Relief? Only temporary

And some drugs can in the "head" to break this emotional response to stress. They are mainly opioids, including: opium, morphine, heroin, codeine.

Users after the consumption of these substances, they do not feel negative emotional component of the stress response, but nothing lasts forever. The effect of the drug over time has passed and people need another dose to once again be able to suppress their negative emotions.

Soothe your nerves

Suppression of nervousness and fear, it is important for people who are in contact with the drug has not happened. Much more fundamental, however, for patients on maintenance treatment, particularly for users with opioid agents. Now stress is a common reason for them to return to addiction , as we already mentioned, opioids inhibit emotional burden unpleasant reactions. When addiction treatment should therefore not forget the stress and its effects on the body. Eliminating stress patients greatly increases the likelihood of successful treatment .

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