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Spring - the best time to get in shape

Spring - the best time to get in shape Ever overcome itself than this time of year when it's time to see and is neither too cold nor hot. Nature blooms, the air is fresh and sweet, just the perfect time to go out and have a properly into the body. It is ideal to run. You run when you want, where you want and it will cost you only a few minutes a day and quality sneakers.

Stretching in nature

Proper stretching before exercise is essential. And nothing will not change the fact that you experienced athletes need to be told otherwise. He speaks of them just laziness. Drawn and months of painful muscle you a few minutes of stretching really worth. Even before the moment but easily accomplished, whether it heats tendons and blood circulation. And then up to stretching. The great thing is that in the spring to enjoy the outdoor tools such as a tree, bench or railing without letting them congealed hands. After the run is again enjoying the final stretch and you can even add a few clicks, sklapovaček or assaults. After aerobic exercise is the most effective strengthening.
Remember, do not strain when running only legs. Remember therefore not to stretch your back, arms (especially the shoulder joint) and also the head.

When an accident happens

If you still despite proper stretching will stretch a muscle or joint bruise, do not workout, but try as carefully transported home and injured site suitable medicine. Try for example Dolgit. It is available OTC in the form of a cream or gel cool. Lubricate the offending place a thin layer, let soak, then astringent gauze bandage and enjoy the tranquility. But if pain or swelling after a few days or persists, consider seeing a doctor. In the head office in any case, if the leg can not stand the pain.

On the other hand, remember that a properly chosen movement, helps regenerate after injury. If you have for example vyvrkli ankle (you can get it quite easily go just to run you do not feel, because at a certain angle still quite painful), try round. When driving, hold the foot still in the same position, so you do not know about pain. Yet muscle gently strengthen and reduce swelling.

Up to shape

Begin slowly. Ideal is a brief report athletic alphabetically, which naturally "doprotáhnete" and speed up the heart rate. If you set this alien enough jumps (continuous alternating left and right off foot), deer jumps (off into the distance), and hopping on one foot after the other.

In actual practice, try to pass at least fifteen minutes at a time. And remember the main rule of every honest runner: you can slow down time, but stop just once. Which means, try to keep running. I slow running is still running. Gradually, you can always add and subtract the speed.

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