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Petition against šmejdům

Petition against šmejdům The fight against the organizers of the demonstration events gaining strong supporters. Czech consumers are newly available to more than 3,300 sites where they can sign the "Petition against šmejdům", ie against collusion operators demonstration events. The petition was joined by a number of celebrities.

Citizens of the Czech Republic are from Monday, the 13th May the option to add your signature to the petition sheets on each of the more than 3,300 branches Czech Post. The petition declared daily and associations Flash dTest in April this year. To date, it has signed more than 12,000 people, including many politicians. Your signature attached such as the Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Kuba, the Mayor of Prague Bohuslav Svoboda and the Mayor of Brno Roman Onderka.

"The main objective with which we created a petition has been stepped up pressure on the Czech government authorities should adjust the legislation to the infamous demonstrations still not a pretext for coercion and aggression against seniors,"
explains Head of the Legal Advisory dtest Luke Green.

Name petition was inspired by the documentary film "bastards", which is another very effective weapon against the operators of demonstration events who behave illegally or unethically. Since the premiere of the film was seen in theaters across the country more than 16,000 spectators, with a record 40% of visitors are seniors over 65 years. "Film and destroying the myth that the Czech pensioners do not go to the movies," says Luke Green.

Association dTest also comes with interesting applications, "Nešvarník", which as its name maps to consumer abuses in the Czech Republic. "All consumers may notify organizing demonstrations and take place of the meeting, or the place where they are distributed invitations to these events, on the map. Others can then see where the event will take place, and to better protect its seniors. Demonstration events on which the breach of the law, certainly among the ills radio, and we will be happy if consumers use all possible means to eradicate it, "says Green.

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