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Behavior and habits of Czech drivers

Behavior and habits of Czech drivers Kia examined in an exclusive survey of preferences, behavior and customs of Czech drivers. The actual interviews have also uncovered some interesting facts and also confirms or refutes the contrary, some preconceived ideas about women behind the wheel.

"If we want to fully reflect the needs of customers, we know what motivates them when choosing a car, what is the preferred equipment, favorite color, etc. But we also wonder how the driver in the car behave and what their habits. And it will help us to prepare actions and offers a truly tailor-made, "says Martina Jirásková, marketing director KIA MOTORS CZECH, and adds:" Moreover, research has uncovered some interesting facts that confirm or vice versa breaks some myths about women behind the wheel. "

The poll was chosen target group of active drivers. Already during data collection, it was found that the Czechs certainly one of the passionate driver. Many as 64% of adults own a driver's license and any other driver car rides almost every day.

What colors are concerned, women prefer to choose red for men is the most popular color blue. In general, the popular silver, which was a hit in recent years, is slightly declining.

Another area on which the survey was focused, the orientation of the rides, respectively. Getting to the destination. How good is the old road map to compete navigation systems? Despite the ever expanding number of drivers using navigation is still more who often reach for a road map. Those continent is still 64%, with a road map and navigation men more likely to work. That would be really difficult to orient women in the maps ...? "That's navigation system could be for women who do not like to read the maps, a good solution," Martin recommends Jirásková.

Due to the on-board cabinets Czech drivers are primarily very practical.
Carry in their compartments mainly documents from the car, manuals and service books. They even have a rigorous tool boxes, spare bulbs, cleaning and maintenance equipment. It is therefore not surprising that the personal belongings will fit perhaps only CD with your favorite music and glasses.

Regardless of gender, have the honor drivers love their cars,
care for them and want to feel good when driving. 60% of them have a special car scented cosmetics. Every fourth car drivers beautifies the label, usually located on the body. Likewise, every fourth driver with joy to the interior of your car puts talisman for good luck.

And what is the behavior of drivers while driving? Czech drivers very little head (sometimes stated 37%). What is less honking, but the more cursing while driving, as admitted by 62% of respondents. While blowing in the male-dominated, the other drivers cursing quite the same, including the deputy fairer sex.

The idea, which has been completely refuted by research, women's makeup in the car. Only 5% of women say they would be in the car during the procedure depicted, even most of them only occasionally, such as in the column. On the contrary, replacement wheel is perfectly in line with the deeply rooted opinion. Yet, that 77% of drivers claim that the defect can remove the wheels and the wheel can be replaced, among women it is only 44%.

Driving without a music nowadays drivers can not imagine. Vast majority (91%) routinely listens to music while driving. Most often it is the music from the radio and make do with a genre that is currently tuned. Czechs also sing. In the car, he sings about every other driver. Women singing more pleasant way far more often in the car singing 65% of women and only 37% of men. Most to sing the drivers from Moravia.

The data were collected in February of this year, querying and processing of the results provided by company Medea Research. "We wanted to find out, among other things, whether on women in terms of control very differently than men. Glad some myths about women's behavior behind the wheel a long time ago not, "he says with a smile passionate driver Martin Jirásková.

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