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Trutnovský Woodstock is this year dedicated to the victims of displacement

Trutnovský Woodstock is this year dedicated to the victims of displacement In the May time, time to celebrate the end of the clash of weapons of World War II, Trutnovský Woodstock vybubnovává their dedication and opening of this year's ticket service.

"At the time of the month seedlings of mountainside camp blooming flowers and trees we are drumming out: Celebrating the joy of summer and meetings, a cult Open Air Festival" Trutnov 1987-2013 ", which will be held from 15 8th to 18 Eighth, will be paid this year to victims of violent post-war expulsion, "the organizers announce the oldest music festival in the open air in the country.

"A few years ago we festival dedicated to Sir Winton, who during the Second World War saved hundreds of Jewish children from the gas chambers. This year, we want to remind post-war victims from "the other side" wild expulsions. Lives of ordinary people, who are often guilty just by being a different nationality. In many places in our country there was a post-war killings, violence and injustice on innocent people. Greed and revenge played a significant role, as well as the annexation of Sudetenland to Germany, which was, however, driven many Czechs, not to mention the Jews, "according to the motivation of this dedication founder and mastermind of the festival Martin Věchet alias Geronimo.
"In the Sudetenland after the displacement basically grew up a generation of foreign cottages, waking up in a foreign duvets and ate from foreign plates. Postwar frustration is understandable, motivations can be understood, but reject collective guilt, "the organizers added together.

"Czech Woodstock has since its inception, the mission of not only music, but also the view, plus it twenty-six years we have organized just in the former Sudetenland, which postwar expulsion strongly influenced and changed the landscape and the composition of their populations. Traces of displacement are still visible today in thinking, so much so that in the form of some fancy scarecrow influenced the presidential election, "says
Martin Věchet.

Trutnovský Woodstock features not only music and dramaturgy novel with distinctive twists and humor, but also interesting visitors and various dedications. Honored tradition recalls the various personalities and events of history that are close to him. Organizers talk about the festival is not just about music, but also opinion. A program diversity, ecumenical service with Indian camps, various non-profit organizations and Hare Krishna confirm this.

This dedication wants Trutnov Open Air recall what happened in places where organized, but also elsewhere in the Czech border and the Sudetenland after World War II cannon. Trutnov named Trautenau and, like the rest of the Sudetenland affected by displacement, rootlessness and unemployment. Czech border were forcibly dosídlováno people without regard to the place that most came only to loot, pillage and after a few years moved on. After removal there is almost nothing to anyone, and not one post-communist restitution There were minimal.

Several decades after the war theme displacement still alive. As reminded in their memories for Czech Radio and "hooligan measures" Anastáz Belt: "Maintaining and operating farms mostly frittered away a newcomer without regard to the place and let them devastate the countryside."

Trutnovský tribe also agrees with the words of its chief Vaclav Havel, who transfer to another as a candidate for president in December 1989 clearly stated: "I think it would be here, none of the displaced had returned, but I think we are obliged to Germans who were displaced after World War II, apologize. "(CST, December 23, 1989)

"It is possible that this dedication someone rises from his chair and throws a lot of emotion. We understand the motives that led to the expulsion, but also oppose the Czech comfortable ingrained idea of evil Germans and Czechs worthy. O righteous guard with rudočernými bands, who would later become, in many cases members of the Communist secret police and national committees. Victims and their descendants, inter alia, has called the expulsion expulsion (die Vertreibung), "conclude
its decision organizers.

Tickets are already on sale for the last year's price. For camp or parking in the foothill not lying again!

Published bands

John Mayall (UK / USA), Plastic People of The Universe, Jiří Schmitzer, Hana and Petr Ulrych & Maple Beat, SPS, Petr Linhart, Čokovoko, Vlasta Třešňák Band, cassettes of Dead, Peter Váša & The bastards, beat Bocek , Sto animals Majerovy brake table, plastic in the original composition, ZVA 12-28 Band, X-Core, Echt!, The.Switch, Horňácká dulcimer Petra balls and more ...

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